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Letter From Alexa Ward and WFWP

Alexa Ward
November 07, 2003

Dear Leaders,

FFWPU HQ has approve the distribute this Letter to all the members in your Regions and States.

Please hand this letter to every Family.

Thank you very much,


Dear Family,

We send our heart felt thanks to all who have donated to WFWP, USA for the Fourth WFWP, International Leaders Workshop, to be held in the New York area, December 4-9, 2003.

The plans for the Workshop are going well. We have confirmations from approximately one hundred twenty sisters from around the world. We look forward to hosting many of our precious elder sisters from Korea, Japan, and the US: Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu, Mrs. Choi (36 couple), Prof. Lan Young Moon (Pres., WFWP International), Mrs. Kuboki, Mrs. Sugiyama, Mrs. Furuta, and Mrs. Erikawa; Mrs. Nora Spurgin, Mrs. Betsy Jones, Mrs. Reiko Jenkins. Some of the WFWP leaders have never seen our True Parents or visited East Garden.

WFWP leaders will attend the Third Annual WFWPI Forum on the Eradication of Poverty, to be held at the United Nations on Friday, December 5. The three day workshop will be held at the Clearpool Educational Center in Carmel, New York, a beautiful lake district of the Hudson Valley.

The theme for the Workshop is "One Step Higher: Models of Education and Chapter Development". On the first day we will explore models of education for women leaders. Presentations will include: "Womens Peace Network" series by Prof. Lan Young Moon; "Divine Principled based series" by Mrs. Sheri Rueter; a presentation about the family from Gods point of view, which was presented by Rev. Kwak at the God and World Peace conference last December; "Unification Thought" by Dr. Thomas Ward; as well as a presentation on character education. We are planning for one panel, during which we will begin to define the true woman from WFWPs point of view.

On the second day, we are planning for sessions related to building a chapter: "Media Relations", to be presented by Ms. Norma Foster, President of the United Nations Association in Los Angeles; "Communications" which will cover internet use, E-News, as well as newsletters; a panel of WFWP continental leaders will present "Insights into Building a Chapter". In the afternoon there will be a panel discussion related to UN activities.

We have made a special effort to share the American spirit with our sisters from overseas. We will enjoy one evening of square dancing. On a second evening we have planned for a Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas tree decorating, and caroling.

We are moved that our True Parents asked WFWP, USA to host this workshop. They trusted that we would raise the funds. On the administrative level, WFWP,USA is self-sufficient. However, we do not have the means to sponsor an international workshop on our own. The overall workshop budget is $100,000. That will take care of 120 international guests for six days. From several different efforts, we have raised $46,000 so far. That includes $10,000 resulting from the FFWPU letter.

We have True Parents support. We have Dr. Yangs support. We have Rev. Jenkins support. We need your support. Please join us in supporting this special workshop by sending in your donation of $50 to WFWP, USA, 3224 16th Street, NW, Washington DC 20010.

Thank you
With warm regards
ITPN, Alexa Ward
President, WFWP, USA
Vice President, FFWPU, USA

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