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Letter To Sisters 090603

Alexa Ward
September 6, 2003

Hello to Everyone, I am sending the attached communication to you at Alexa's request. Betsy

Dear Sisters,

Over the past two weeks, at East Garden, Father has talked about women on a daily basis. He praised Mother for her hard work, perseverance, and loyalty over these many decades. He spoke about the woman and mother's role to unite Cain and Abel and bring both to Father. He stated that the foundation of the Abel United Nations was the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and the Family Federation for World Peace. Mother's speeches, presented during the founding period of WFWP, were read during Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden.

Father emphasized the importance for American women to stand on the front line at this time. The concept of the front line can be understood in terms of being ready, willing and able to contribute to, and make sacrifices for, the current providential activities, beyond the daily responsibilities of family and work. Sometimes participation on the front line calls us to leave our homes for a period of time; always it asks us to use a portion of our time wisely for the public purpose.

Cultivating a public mind and heart, a public consciousness toward time and resources, takes a great deal of focus and discipline. The standard set by our True Parents is so high. Not a day goes by that I do not struggle as I measure myself against that standard.

As we have come to understand, the United States stands in the position of the elder son. In that role we need to gradually take over the burden that the father and mother nations, Korea and Japan, have been carrying. One significant aspect of that burden involves the funding of providential activities. Father has made it clear that the United States must begin to generate the funds needed to fulfill its providential role, as well as begin to generate funds to assist with the providence on the world wide level. From Father's point of view, the woman and mother have a responsibility to help provide the financial resources for providential activities.

There are many aspects to increasing our ability to generate funds: strategic planning, increase of church membership, development of businesses, to mention a few. It is also important that each one of us increase our level of giving what we have, as well as our willingness to raise funds that we do not have. The current pace of providential activities speaks to the urgency of the time. Long term planning clashes with immediate needs.

At this time the US, in the position of the second Israel, is playing a crucial role in uniting the first Israel (Israel), the second Israel (US), and the third Israel (Korea). This unity is a significant part of the foundation for the unity of North and South Korea. Father has asked that the US organize three pilgrimages to Israel. The first pilgrimage was very successful, culminating in the Jerusalem Declaration. The second pilgrimage is scheduled for September 16-22. Each participant has been asked to pay $1200 toward their expenses. FFWPU, USA must raise an additional $400,000 to cover the expenses of this trip. Following is the call for funding in Rev. Jenkins words.

"Support for the Jerusalem pilgrimage representing the substantial action of the Fourth Israel - (External Condition) Based on the reconciliation of the first, second and third Israel through the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul Declarations, True Parents have proclaimed the establishment of the realm of the Fourth Israel. The realm of the fourth Israel is Judaism, Christianity and Unificationism combined with Islam and all major religions, together with the Ambassadors for Peace. To set this condition for full restoration 330 families (representing Jesus 33 years) are asked to sacrifice and give $1000 donation by September 16th to support this historic second Jerusalem Pilgrimage and World Peace March. (70 families have already give $1000 - 330 more are needed). Each one who gives this special indemnity offering will receive a stone from the area in which Jesus prayed at Gethsemane (the stones were picked by our members from Israel from the holy ground that True Father established and sanctified in 1965 and identified as the exact location where Jesus prayed). This will become an eternal treasure for your lineage.

The first Pilgrimage focused on repentance and reconciliation. The second Pilgrimage will focus on ACTION based on the unity of the three reconciled Israels, Islam and all religions uniting as one body centering on the second coming. Representatives of Christianity, Islam and Judaism will March for Peace and set the conditions that peace will come to the Middle East. Every blessed central family in America is asked to give at least $100 to the Jerusalem Providence. (Only for those who didn't make the $100 offering already since May 20, 2003) Please send this no latter than September 16, 2003. 4 West 43rd St. NY, NY 10036 C/O Rev. Eric Holt. Note on Check - Jerusalem Pilgrimage Fund. "

As an American sister, I invite you to join me in making this offering at this time. Through this offering, we can go one step higher in fulfilling the role of the elder son; one step higher in fulfilling our providential role as women and mothers in America.

Thank you for your sincere consideration at this time.

With warm regards,
Alexa Ward
Vice President, FFWPU, USA
President, WFWP, USA

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