The Words of the Ward Family

RTF Testimony

Alex Ward
August 21, 2003

This is my 2nd year on STF, and at the kick-off workshop some of the leaders ask myself and 3 other 2nd years to help pioneer RTF. Iíll be honest, at first I was very skeptical about going to RTF and thought that it would be a big waste of time, and I didnít want to do it at all because I didnít think that Iíd gain anything from it at all. I wanted to go to the CARP center with the rest of the 2nd years.

Yea, so right now Iíve been on RTF for almost 3 weeks and already my thoughts on RTF have changed a lot. With RTF I truly believe that you can turn your parents' faith into your own and really connect with the Heart of God & True Parents.

On RTF you have the opportunity to go out and witness in the most successful witnessing center in the country. You can go out fundraising with the IOWC teams.You can also learn the heart of service and the joy that you get from various Service for Peace projects and church functions that we help out at.

All of the church leaders really are like Aunts and Uncles to us and are very concerned with what we could do to improve the program and make it a better learning experirnce for us. So the program is improving daily.

Aunt Sheriís (Rueter) inspiring witnessing testimonies really motivate the RTF members to push ourselves and have the same experiences. RTF is not as physically intense as MFT style living, but you still have many, many opportunities to push yourself, go beyond your personal limitations and grow. Iíve only been here on RTF for a few weeks but already see the huge potential it has and I think itís a must-need program and a very good opportunity for BCís to establish their own faith in God & True Parents, and experience front line activities. Iím very grateful and proud to be on RTF

Alex Ward

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