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GOP Parents Meet Reverend Young Whi Lee August 25

Alexa Ward
August 20, 2002

Dear Parents of Sun Hwa Students, past, present and future,

Greetings from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Recently, Dr. Yang asked me to take the position of Western Liaison for the Sun Hwa School program in Seoul, South Korea. I would like to thank Rev. Phillip Schanker who held this position for the past two years. He worked hard to represent the western families in the school.

As the Western Liaison, my responsibilities will include:

1.) establishing a Parents Association;
2.) communicating with and representing the western families of students attending the school;
3.) supporting the new Western dorm couple, Henry and Katsuko Christopher;
4.) improving the application process; and
5.) working with Rev. Lee, the Principal, to support and improve the overall experience for the Western students.

I am pleased to inform you that Rev. Young Hwi Lee, the Principal of the Sun Hwa School, will be visiting the United States over the next couple of weeks. He will arrive in the US on Thursday, August 22. He will stay in the New York/Connecticut area for two days. He will stay in the Washington DC area for two days and will fly to San Francisco on August 26.

Upon his request, I have organized meetings in New York, the Washington DC area, and the San Francisco Bay area, so that parents, past, present and future, can have the opportunity to meet with, listen to, and ask questions of, Rev. Lee.

One of the main purposes of the meetings is to begin to establish a Parents Association. This can be a valuable vehicle to support the Sun Hwa School on many levels. Mrs. Jeri Tamayo will be attending and speaking at the meetings in Washington DC and the Bay area. The Tamayos recently returned to the US after serving as dorm parents at the Sun Hwa School for eight years. This will be a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to them. Although Henry and Katsuko Christopher, the new dorm parents, will not be able to attend these meetings because of preparations for the new school year, I will give an introduction to him and his family.

New York - Belvedere Training Center; Friday, August 23, 2002; beginning at 7 pm. Please RSVP to Mrs. Natsue Erstling.

Washington DC area - The Founder's Room of The New Hope Academy in Maryland; Sunday, August 25, 2002; beginning at 7 pm; please RSVP to Mrs. Libby Henkin by telephone to 301-794-6884; or by email to lhenkin@ washingtontimes,com.

San Francisco Bay area - The Bay Area Family Church in San Leandro; Friday, August 30, 2002; beginning at 7 pm; please RSVP to Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Thompson.

I would like to ask you to bring something to eat, fruit or something sweet, to be served after the meeting. I would like to ask each couple to bring a donation of $5 to help with the cost of refreshments which will be served, as well as for a welcome gift for Rev. Lee.

I hope that many of you will be available to spend the evening with Rev. Lee. I am concerned that this email list is not complete. Please feel free to inform other parents of Sun Hwa students in your area.

Thank you

We look forward to seeing you.

ITPN, Alexa Ward
Western Liaison Sun Hwa School program
Vice President, FFWPU 

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