The Words of the Walsh Family

ACUMI: Advisory Council to the Unification Movement International

Thomas Walsh
September 1985

July 6-7 ACUMI in San Francisco.

Many of the projects which Father has founded, such as the International Cultural Foundation (ICF) and the International Religious Foundation (IRF), involve the active participation of scholars to help organize conferences, carry out research, and create publications. While scholars have been very supportive of the work of our movement, there has been no specific organization or channel for academics to take a more active role in contributing to such work. For this very reason Father, in April of this year, initiated the development of ACUMI, the Advisory Council to the Unification Movement International.

With the formation of ACUMI, a way has been provided for organizing the academic friends of the Unification movement in order that they may assist in the realization of the goals of the various organizations within our movement. Father has tremendous respect for scholiasts, whom he sees as having the potential to make a significant impact on the future of the human community. Of course Father believes firmly that through these organizations that he has founded, a God- centered world of human fulfillment, universal well-being, and fellow-feeling will be achieved.

June 22-23 ACUMI in Atlanta.

Drawing on Academic Expertise

Along with the zeal, youth, and commitment of Unification members, not to mention the financial resources they make available, our activities definitely call for the active and concerned participation of the academic community. By drawing on the expertise and wisdom of scholars, each of our activities can have a more effective impact on society. This is one of the most important reasons for ACUMI's formation.

There is also a need to create an academic resource center for the myriad projects of the Unification movement, such as the minority alliances, the academic conferences, the social action and relief work, the newly initiated You and I magazine, campus activities, and ministerial outreach. The ACUMI professors will serve as a resource center in general, offering practical assistance where needed.

While the ACUMI community of professors is pluralistic, ecumenical, and interdisciplinary, and welcomes diversity of opinion, open dialogue, and constructive criticism, participation in ACUMI requires a respect for and a certain commitment to the ideals of Unificationism:

1) the building of a God-centered world;

2) the transcending of racial, religious, ethnic, and national barriers;

3) the effort to provide a framework of values in the fields of education, business, science and technology, politics, and the family; and

4) a commitment to freedom of expression -- particularly religious freedom and resistance to totalitarianism.

June 29-30 ACUMI in Chicago.

Regional Meetings Held

Thus far five ACUMI meetings have taken place; all of them have been fruitful. An initial meeting of the ACUMI National Board was held in New York, April 19-20. The members of the National Board are those professors most closely connected with Father and his ideals. Following this initial founding meeting, four regional meetings were held: in New York (June 15-16), Atlanta (June 22-23), Chicago (June 29-30), and San Francisco (July 6-7). These meetings, each of which attracted the participation of about forty scholars (coming on very short notice), focused on reports from church and department leaders, followed by discussion. Reports were given by representatives of CARP, IRFF, ICUSA, the You and I magazine, ICF, and IRF. Regional church leaders also reported on their work with ministers. At each meeting Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak shared with the professors about Father's situation and standard of daily life.

ACUMI is to be established by region, state, and municipality. The next step of the ACUMI organization will involve regional meetings that will focus on social action, campus activities, and academic conferences pertinent to local or regional situations. In the near future ACUMI will be organized internationally. The establishment of ACUMI represents a very promising first step toward the systematic involvement of the academic community in the diverse activities of our movement. 

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