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Special Leadership Conference Planned in Addis Ababa

Thomas Walsh
March 18, 2014

Abuja, Nigeria -- UPF-Nigeria in collaboration with UPF-Ethiopia and Global Educators for All Initiative is pleased to announce the convening of a Special Leadership Conference March 27 – 29, 2014, at the African Union Commission headquarters and Nexus Hotels in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The conference is a local follow up to the February International Leadership Conference held in Korea by UPF International. Being aware that many Ambassadors for Peace from Nigeria could not attend that conference, the Special Leadership Conference is being organized to provide opportunities for Nigerian Ambassadors for Peace to meet and deliberate on issues discussed at the conference in Korea and their implications for Nigeria and the African region.

The theme for the Leadership Conference is "Toward a New Paradigm for Education, Peace and Human Development in Africa." Among the sub-themes to be considered are the following:

Introduction to the UPF Principles for Peace and the Founders
Interfaith Cooperation in Africa
Tertiary Education in Africa
Religion and International Relations in Africa
Strengthening Marriage and Family in Africa
Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Africa
Youth and Service in Africa
The Future of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa
The African Union at 50: The Emerging Challenges of African Unification

A highly selective group of delegates from Nigeria, Benin, Uganda, Ethiopia and around Africa will be in attendance, including educators, Ambassadors for Peace, Millennium Development Ambassadors, parliamentarians and other government leaders, religious leaders, women leaders and civic leaders. The participation of Ambassadors for Peace at this event at the African Union Commission headquarters will offer unique learning opportunities.

Presentations at the conference sessions will be made by UPF officers in Africa, the AU Commission, representatives from SURE Program in Nigeria, South South Apex Farmers Association, youth leaders and Ambassadors for Peace among others. The opening and closing sessions will also feature the the appointment of distinguished leaders as Ambassadors for Peace.

The conference provides a golden opportunity for Ambassadors for Peace and other leaders to come together as an international and inter-religious group of leaders from various sectors, to reflect on the ways each might each contribute to building a nation and a world of lasting peace with a focus on a new vision of education, peace and human development.

In addition to the basic conference program, all delegates will be invited to participate in a special guided tour of the AU Commission Headquarters to pledge their support to the organization's efforts to build a unified continent of Africa as well as visit other tourist sites in Addis Ababa. Also, participants will have the opportunity to engage AU officials on innovative approaches to promoting African unity through intercultural marriage and also address the increasing challenges of access to quality education and dealing with increasing unemployment and insecurity in the continent. 

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