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Announcing the Founders Tour to Africa and a Special ILC in Nigeria

Thomas G. Walsh and Taj Hamad
June 23, 2011
UPF International Secretariat

Sun Myung Moon and family May 1, 2011

To all Nations and Cities/Communities

Greetings from UPF International.

We have an important update:

Our Founders, and International Chairman, are planning a special visit to Nigeria for a special program in Abuja, the nation's capital. The Founders visit to Nigeria is part of the "Founders Tour 2011" that has gone from Korea, to Europe, the Middle East, the USA, and now, Africa. The main program, featuring the Founders Address, is scheduled for July 17. Three thousand people are expected to attend.

Recently a delegation, led by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Mrs. Kathy Rigney, and Dr. Hee Sun Ji attended and brought greetings from the Founders to the inauguration of President Goodluck Jonathan, who was just re-elected for a second term as president of Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. The delegation was very well received, and this program serves as a follow-up to that visit.

In addition, many UPF Chapters around the world recently organized programs on Africa Day, demonstrating the growing worldwide interest in Africa and people of the African diaspora. The program in New York City was addressed by the President of UN General Assembly, and other high ranking diplomats.

During the time of the Founders visit to Nigeria, UPF International, together with UPF Africa, has been asked to organize a major International Leadership Conference on July 15-18, 2011. Delegates from all 53 African nations will be attending. In addition, delegations from other nations around the world are also expected to attend. In particular, the Founder has indicated that substantial delegations should come from Korea, Japan, the USA, and Europe [for example, World War II providential nations and nations who recently received the Founders on the 2011 Tour]. Once the expected number of participants from the Regions is clarified, we will send the recommended participant quotas along with the finalized invitation letter, schedule and registration form.

We are still in the process of preparing the invitation letter and the draft schedule/program. A draft invitation letter is attached. However, it is not the final draft, so please do not circulate this document until we have time to finalize some of the important details.

We are also inquiring about the hotel capacity. At the same time, we are seeking clarification of the budget situation and whether or not there will be budget enough to help with airfare, hotel, meals, etc. for international delegates. We will provide this additional, necessary information within a few days.

Meanwhile, please begin to develop a plan to invite high-level delegates and leading Ambassadors for Peace from your region for this special program that is part of the Founders Tour 2011.


Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
President, UPF

Mr. Taj Hamad
Secretary General 

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