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Son and Daughter of True Parents Witness Boldly in the Halls of Malaysia's Power

Thomas G. Walsh
June 22, 2011

The recent visit to Malaysia by True Parents' son and daughter was very special and so valuable -- to have Kook Jin Nim and In Jin Nim together, a rare and precious opportunity for each of them, but especially for our brothers and sisters who had a chance to be with them and inherit from them their rich experience and understanding of True Parents, and to witness directly the great forward progress being made for our movement under the blessing of God and True Parents.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation in Southeast Asia with a majority Muslim population [55%], and a significant Buddhist and Hindu population. After the majority Malay population, people of Chinese descent play a significant role. In the Asia-Pacific era Southeast Asia is of increasing geopolitical importance. In particular, the growing power of China -- economically, politically, and militarily -- is reverberating throughout the region. While China is a neighbor and trading partner of Malaysia, there are territorial tensions with China over the contested Spratley Islands.

Within the regional structure of the Unification movement, Malaysia is part of the region that includes the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brunei, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Dr. Jeong Shik Yong is the "Continental" Director, and also serves as the Regional Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation. The Boonbongwang (emissary of True Parents) is Dr. Jong Young Yoo.

At the invitation of several members of Malaysia's parliament, many of whom are grateful for invitations they had received to various programs sponsored by our movement, Dr. Kook Jin Moon, Chairman of Tongil Group, and Rev. In Jin Moon, President of HSA-USA, were invited to visit Malaysia.

On the morning of June 19, 2011, Dr. and Mrs. Kook Jin Moon, Rev. In Jin Moon, and Ariana (Shin Sun) Moon, went to the Malaysian Church Headquarters for an early morning meeting followed by breakfast. The national leaders of all the nations of the Asia Region were present. One by one, they gave reports of the activities and programs in their regions. For example, Dr. Robert Kittel, Director of Education for the Asia Region, spoke about the Divine Principle educational programs in Nepal which are broadcast weekly on national television, reaching the entire population. Dr. Kittel also shared about the Divine Principle education of several of the main Maoist leaders in Nepal [Maoism is a dominant political movement there].

Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Vice Chair of UPF Asia, spoke about the work in Thailand to develop an inter-religious council, working closely with the government and the leading Buddist and Muslim leaders in Thailand. He also shared about his time in prison in Thailand when our movement was being persecuted. Mr. Sam Yeoh, Secretary General of UPF Malaysia, shared about the development of UPF in Malaysia and gave particular praise to the work of UPF's Chairman in Malaysia, Tan Sri Devaki Krishnan, a dynamic and widely respected woman leader known throughout the country. She had attended True Parents' Birthday in Korea in February and came back very uplifted and inspired, intent on bringing our Founders to Malaysia again.

Dr. Kook Jin Moon spoke to the leaders, sharing about the development of our movement in both Korea and Japan, including the restructuring and turnaround of our businesses, and the growth in membership, and tithing, in Korea and Japan.

Later that morning, Rev. In Jin Moon delivered the main sermon at Sunday Service, before approximately 600 Malaysian members and Ambassadors for Peace [see related story at]. She emphasized the central importance of True Parents, and the significance that, through True Parents, God's providence has reached its high-point, with the establishment of not only the position of True Father but also True Mother, bringing an end to the providential history of suffering, during which time the ideal of true love within a couple could not be realized. She also shared about the supreme value of the Blessing, and how evil power had worked to make a mockery of the Blessing, knowing that it is precisely through the Blessing that God's providence and the change of blood lineage advance.

Dr. Kook Jin Moon spoke after In Jin Nim, sharing with the broad membership about the great strides being made in Korea and Japan, taking our movement to an entirely new level. Ben Lorentzen, Joshua Cotter, and Joe Young, from Sonic Cult performed for the Sunday Service and lifted the spirits of everyone.

In the evening, a banquet was held at the Mandarin Hotel, centering on Dr. Kook Jin Moon and featuring the presence of about 25-30 parliamentarians. The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament spoke and delivered a message from the Speaker of the House, emphasizing the need for good governance, interfaith cooperation and religious freedom. Dr. Thomas Walsh shared about the mission and work of UPF International, and introduced Dr. Kook Jin Moon. Kook Jin Nim spoke about True Father's providential significance and read a long excerpt from True Father's autobiography, emphasizing the need for inter-religious, interracial and international cooperation.

On June 20, 2011, the full delegation, led by Dr. Moon and Rev. Moon, were invited to lunch at the parliament. After first attending the sessions of parliament in both the upper and lower houses, the delegation met with the Speaker in his office and discussed a variety of issues affecting Malaysia and the region. Dr. Moon and Rev. Moon then had a private lunch with the Speaker. Dr. Moon presented the Speaker with a copy of Father's autobiography.

On the evening of June 20th a banquet was convened by UPF Malaysia. Dr. Joachim Ng opened the program, and introduced Tan Sri Senator Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. Senator Koh Tsu Koon spoke about the Prime Minister's commitment to positioning Malaysia as a model of ethnic, religious and cultural harmony. He pointed out that Malaysia registers in the top 20 nations on a widely respected global peace index. He further stated that the Prime Minister is encouraging moderation from all sectors of society. In this way, Malaysia can serve as a model of harmony and moderation to the world: One Malaysia, One World is the government's slogan.

Tan Sri Devaki Krishnan, Chair of UPF Malaysia, spoke about his desire to have True Parents and Rev. Hyung Jin Moon visit Malaysia.UPF Malaysia is planning an Asian regional peace conference and is working with the office of the Prime Minister to find the best dates. Tan Sri Devaki warmly welcomed Dr. and Mrs. Kook Jin Moon, Rev. In Jin Moon, and Ariana Moon.

Dr. Walsh, president of UPF International, spoke about the work of UPF worldwide and then introduced the main speakers. Rev. In Jin Moon shared warmly and openly about her family and her love for her parents. She then took time to speak vary graciously about her younger brother, Kook Jin Moon, explaining his great accomplishments in restructuring the businesses in our movement in Korea and Japan, and bringing so many practical improvements to our church structure and organization. She welcomed him to the stage, and before he went to the podium, they hugged each other, much to everyone's appreciation. Dr. Moon then read his address that focuses once again on the significance of the Founders as True Parents, and he read selections from Father's autobiography. The evening concluded with an inspiring performance by Sonic Cult.

Thomas G. Walsh, Ph.D., President, UPF International 

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