The Words of the Walsh Family

Important Announcement Regarding World Assembly

Thomas G. Walsh and Taj Hamad
November 17, 2010

To: UPF Regional Chairs, Regional Secretaries General
From: The Secretariat of UPF International
Re: Important Announcement Regarding World Assembly
Date: November 17, 2010

Greetings from the Secretariat of UPF International.

Thank you for your support for the World Assembly being convened in New York on November 22.

At this point, the registration process for the November 22 program is closed. We have reached our capacity. Thank you for all your efforts and achievements in bringing very good Ambassadors for Peace and "Boon Bon Wangs" to New York.

As was indicated earlier, our Founders have called for a series of three World Assemblies, beginning in New York on November 22, then in Las Vegas on November 27 and finally in Seoul on December 4.

The World Assembly in Las Vegas on November 27 will draw largely on participants from within the USA.

WORLD ASSEMBLY in SEOUL: December 2-5, 2010 The World Assembly in Seoul on December 4 will include 40-50 international delegates. Here are the recommended quotas:

Japan 10
USA/Canada 10
Europe I/II 10
Asia Region 10
Other Regions 5-10

One of the most important objectives of this series of World Assemblies is to establish a secure foundation for the "Abel UN". Also, we want to begin to substantiate the "Abel UN" with a strategic plan of action to be carried out between now and Foundation Day in January 2013. Please do your best to send strong, "Abel-like" Ambassadors for Peace who can play a leading role in the development of the "Abel UN."

Regions are responsible for the airfare of participants for the Seoul program. UPF will cover the cost of ground transportation, hotel and meals.

The World Assembly in Seoul will also include an International Leadership Conference beginning on December 2 and concluding on December 5.

Please submit registration forms as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh

Mr. Taj Hamad
Secretary General 

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