The Words of the Walsh Family

Venezuela: Return To Nation After 10 Years

Thomas G. Walsh
August 8, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Caracas, Venezuela

The tour party arrived around noon in Caracas, welcomed by Rev. Lee, Rev. Hayashi, David Stewart, Jesus Navarro, R. Giuliani, Venezuelan Ambassadors for Peace and others. Due to some road repair it took about 2 hours to drive to the hotel, InterContinental in central Caracas, and the long journey offered an opportunity to compare the changes in the country since Mother Moonís last visit in 1996.

Caracas was the birthplace of Simon Bolivar, the great liberator of many Latin American countries. However, today, along the main highway, large billboards display and glorify the works of President Hugo Chavez, some featuring him together with Iranís President Ahmaddinajad. In what may soon be a post-Castro Cuba, and buoyed by petro-dollars [gasoline in Caracas is 17 cents a gallon] Chavezís Venezuela is positioned to stand as Latin Americaís central figure for anti-USA sentiment in the hemisphere.

The Main Program was at 6:30, attended by 900 people. The program went very well, with a lot of very good advance preparation. David Stewart welcomed everyone, and R. Giuliani opened the program which moved quickly through the preprogram, Holy Wine Ceremony and Chairmanís Address to Sun Jin Nimís presentation of the Founderís Address. Sun Jin Nim was beautiful, and breathed life into Fatherís words, setting the stage for TMís presentation. Though not fully recovered from her cold, Mother Moonís health was clearly improving, and her presentation strong as ever.

The Peace Blessing, officiated by True Mother and Sun Jin Nim, was followed by post-program entertainment and a reception. Virtually everyone stayed on, enjoying the entertainment and the time together.

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