The Words of the Walsh Family

Costa Rica: Expanding The Realm Of Happiness By Passing It On To Others

Thomas G. Walsh
August 7, 2006
UPF Secretary General
San Jose, Costa Rica

Mother Moon, with daughter Sun Jin and her husband In Sup Pak, arrived in Costa Rica late morning on August 6, 2006, where they were welcomed by Rev. Joon Soo Kim and several Ambassadors for Peace.

That same afternoon, the main event began at 4 pm and was well attended with 700 dignitaries from the San Jose area in attendance, including former President and Mrs. Rodrigo Carazo. He offered the welcome remarks. Mr. In Sup Pak, introduced as the son-in-law of Mother Moon and husband of Sun Jin, presented the Founderís Address with great confidence, presenting a benevolent yet determined presence where the full depth and seriousness of the message came through. Mother Moon, still not feeling her best due to a slight fever and sore throat, presented her message in beauty and grace, with parental love and a parental call for all of us to practice correct thought, correct word and actions.

The speeches were followed by a presentation of gifts and the Blessing Ceremony.

Early on the morning of August 7, 2006, with everyone gathered for a prayer and devotional reading, Alejandro de Souza translated to Spanish, and Regis and Nancy Hanna translate to English. Rev. and Mrs. Cho offer prayers.

Mother Moon emphasizes the importance of the Korean language and urges the young people to study it in order to be able to communicate more completely with God and understand his love. She tells the group, "Weíre in a position to bring Godís dream into reality, and in that respect we are the happiest people. We know why we are alive, why we have to live, and how to fulfill our mission. This world is like a field of wild olive trees and you are becoming the true olive trees. A wild olive tree, no matter how long it tries, will not be a true olive tree. It is only possible by engrafting unto True Parents. Now is the point we are turning from wild olive trees to true love trees. How happy we should be to practice the teachings of the True Parents. Happiness is such that the more you share it, the more it multiplies."

Sun Jin speaks, especially to the young people, from the position of being a daughter of her parents, and seeing how dedicated they are to the cause of peace, and how hard they work. She asks the CARP members to sing, and some volunteers sing "Saranghae." She thanks them and tells them, "You are the future of our movement and you are leading the way to liberate Godís heart." A choir composed of second generation members sing "Om Maya", and Tom Walsh sings "If I can Dream." In Sup and Sun Jin sing together "Amazing Grace" and after cheers of mansei, the meeting comes to an end.

In a special note, Tom Walsh adds: regarding Mother Moon's guidance on learning Korean language, that he had this image of being in a desolate foreign country, alone and in a crowded, stinking jail, and you can find no one who speaks your language. Youíre being accused of something, itís Kafkaesque, and you're feeling alone, full of anxietyÖ and suddenly, out of the nowhere, someone steps forward and addresses you in your language, and even knows your name, and offers to help you. How do you feel?

Thatís how God felt as Sun Myung Moon prayed, "hananim abojeeÖ", and thatís how God feels when we address him in Korean.

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