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Bahamas: A New Movement of Heart

Thomas G, Walsh
August 5, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Nassau, Bahamas

Mother Moon and her entourage arrived in Nassau, Bahamas, welcomed by many Ambassadors for Peace, including Bishop and Rev. Missig, and Hon. Darling of Nassau, Rev. Ki Hoon Kim, and many others.

This stop on the peace tour coincided with the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) attended by 120 prominent clergy from the Bahamas and the United States. For this reason, seeing so many familiar faces, including conference organizers Dr. Yang, Dr. Michael Jenkins, Rev. Levi Daugherty and Bishop Stallings, gave Mrs. Moon the feeling of a grand homecoming.

The main program was organized by Mr. Tom Cutts, Mr. David Eaton, Mr. Candelarissi, and Mr. Ken Hendricks. Dr. Thomas Walsh served as emcee, and greetings were presented by Bishop Missig. Dr. Yang delivered the Chairmanís Address.

Jeong Jin presented the Founderís Address, looking radiant with confidence. When speaking about the heart of God, she was moved to tearsÖ then, working through the tears, she continued to a powerful conclusion. Following the video presentation, Bishop Stallings was invited to introduce Mother Moon, who then presented the main address. As she spoke, the room was very quiet, with the sound of her voice radiating so perfectly through the room. Each person in the hall felt she was addressing them personally. Afterward, Mother Moon and her daughter Jeong Jin officiated the Holy Blessing ceremony.

Following the main event, dinner was served amidst much singing and sharing. Rev. Daugherty electrified the audience with his own songs, followed by a "microwave" [quickly cooked] choir he hastily put together from ACLC clergy. T. L. Barrett sang, Rev. Leroy Elliott and his wife of 31 years, "the apple of his eye, the sugar in his teaÖ" presented a song. Then one evangelist with roots in Nigeria sang a song of peace and love in the languages of Nigeria -- Yoruba, Ebo, English, and a fourth.

Pastor Barrett said, "It is good for us to be here," using the same phrase spoken by Peter at the time of the Transfiguration. He added that he felt strongly that this event was having an impact; that we were not distant, or separated, or without relevance to the works of bring peace to the troubled Middle East; that Mother Moon's world tour was having dramatic impact on world affairs.

Rev. Jenkins said he had felt very strongly during the course of the meeting that the religious leaders must all gather in the Holy Land; that neither the political process nor military intervention was going to achieve the needed objectives. He called on all the ACLC clergy to prepare to go to the Holy Land, in August and September, to bring peace to that troubled region. Religious leaders must stand up, he challenged.

At the close of the evening, Rev. Jenkins, Dr. Yang and Bishop Stallings presented the Bahamas Peace Declaration, which participants then signed.

Early next morning on August 5, ministers and staff gathered together with Mother Moon and the Peace Tour entourage for a reading session using text from the Founder's message, followed by cutting the celebration cake, and singing. Dr. Yang translated from the Korean as Mrs. Moon spoke to the persons in attendance. She described how she felt like a gypsy, being on the tour since April 28, and the previous day's event being number 99 on the world tour. "Whenever I listen to this message, as we have this morning, I feel we are truly blessed," she said. "Wherever this message is presented, people feel the heart of God. Through this tour the message speaks about original ideal of God."

She expressed how she felt, seeing so many familiar faces among our Ambassadors for Peace, "they give me energy."

"During this tour, I am bringing Godís word and blessing. I also encourage those in each nation to begin a new movement of heart. By centering on Godís word, we can expand the realm of Godís love, Godís principle, Godís blessing, to reconnect to the lineage of God."

Mrs. Moon said she would like to hear some comments and reflections on the previous day's event and many clergymen volunteered their thoughts. Several mentioned that at the time, the Bahamas were under threat of the arrival of Hurricane Christopher, but that it diverted before making landfall. Some were amazed that she had been touring and speaking nonstop for 99 cities, but that still she could truly energize them. Some ministers expressed their enthusiasm for hearing her speak and thanked her for her message of peace, and for coming to their nation of the Bahamas.

Sun Jin and her husband In Sup thanked the ministers for coming, and mentioned that although they had been on the tour only four days, they felt so tired, but in contrast, Mother Moon is Ö "amazing."

The Bahamas Declaration was then presented to Mother Moon and her children and they added their signatures to the document.

Later, at breakfast, Rev. Ki Hoon Kim gave a brief report that the ACLC Conference is going well, and that ministers are now presenting the Principle.

Soon, the tour was on their way to the airport for the next stop: Mexico City.

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