The Words of the Walsh Family

Jamaica: RYS Supports Tour

Thomas G. Walsh
August 4, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Kingston, Jamaica

Mother Moon, Sun Jin Nim, In Sup Nim, Jeong Jin Nim all arrived in Kingston, Jamaica mid-morning, from the Dominican Republic, welcomed by Rev. Pak, Rev. Oshik, and Rev. Michael Irwin, Rev. Salmon, Rev. McGarrell from Guyana, Rev. Remy Taupier from St. Lucia, and many others.

August 1 was the celebration of Jamaicaís "Emancipation Day" and August 6 will be "Independence Day." The tour program was coming in between these two celebrations of independence and freedom for the nation and its people.

It was Mother Moonís first visit to Jamaica. Therefore, we did not have any clear indication of the kind of foundation we would find. The largest event they had ever had before was for about 250 people. However, 800 people turned out; staff were continually add more chairs, and all stayed to the conclusion, listing attentively and appreciatively.

Diesa Seidel and Maurice Burke, two volunteers from the Religious Youth Service (RYS) spoke during the Main Program, sharing their vision of peace through inter-religious harmony and service. They made such a great impression on all those gathered, as the spoke very well. RYS was sponsoring a 15 day project headed up by Daniel Bessell and Carol Pobanz, with 35 participants from nations throughout the Caribbean, including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists. The program also included a 5-day leadership seminar. Drs. Ron and Sherry Burr, 20+ year veterans of RYS.

The main event featured of In Sup Nim for the presentation of the Founderís Address. In Sup Nim was born in Korea but his parents soon moved to the USA and he grew up in America. He studied chemistry and Economics at Cornell University, then earned his MBA at Rensalaer Polytechnic Institute in NY, and then an MS in Hospitality Industry Services and Hotel Investment at NYU. He currently serves as President of Seil Tour System in Korean and Japan. In Sup Nim was blessed in marriage to Sun Jin Nim in 1995.

This was In Sup Nimís first opportunity to present the Founderís Address, and he rose to the occasion so well. He read so clearly, patiently, with a steady pace. He is blessed with a very warm-hearted, gentle and warm presence and character, naturally and genuinely friendly and respectful to others. Very intelligent, yet clear and down to earth. Serious, but gentle.

Therefore, the audience easily connected to him from the start. He began explaining his appreciation for the opportunity to be in Jamaica and to speak on this important occasion, presenting the essential teachings of his father-in-law, Father Moon. He presented each section of the speech with real confidence in the ultimate importance and value of the contents for all those in attendance. After In Sup Nim, the video which serves as a key part of the introduction to True Mother was presented, as it is each evening. The video, created by ipeace tv, under Mr. Kim Seog Byung, is very effective. Mother Moon entered to an enthusiastic standing ovation, and communicated her message the same consistent level of heart and excellence that she does, day after day.

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