The Words of the Walsh Family

Bolivia: Times are Changing

Thomas G. Walsh
August 1, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

The Main Event was attended by 800 people, we very well organized and the event hall and stage beautifully arranged. Yeon Jin Nim read the Founderís Address, smoothly, clearly, flawlessly; one of the best presentations so far. The internet connection to Korea was clear, and Father was very happy.

The following morning Mother Moon shared some insight on what it is like to be on the road for so long.

I have been all over the world from America, to Japan, to Asia, Eurasia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America. On this August 1, it has been four months since I left my home. I can feel from the testimonies in each country that so many people get inspired by Fatherís words, people who come from all religions.
For example, for the missionaries in India it has not been easy, due to the weather and the food, and history, and many had to return back to their homes. But now the time is different. Many AFPs are supporting our movement. The President of India has been studying our movement, and he suggested that we create a book written by 100 high level people from all different religions and nations, describing the significance of Fatherís life and work. The President wanted to recommend this because people did not adequately understand or appreciate Father.
There are also many AFPs who are quite wealthy. Many have donated land and office space to our movement. In the past, people could not understand, but now many are welcoming us. In Nepal, they heard the message and broadcast the message to 40 nations.
The people are like the dry ground waiting for the water which is Godís word. The time in which we live is a miraculous time. We have to think of how difficult it was to bring about this day, and how much sacrifice has been paid. Today we can receive the Blessing almost like nothing, but 40 years ago it was so difficult.
I spoke these same words in Africa. They have so many natural resources, just like here in South America. These are blessed lands, externally. In the past, Korea lived in such a poor condition, and the situation was more difficult than in Africa or Latin America.
TF went to prison and was liberated by the USA and UN Forces. The members who followed Father in the 50ís and 60ís were very poor. When TF started to educate the few members we had, he began the new village and new mind movement. With these members he created the movement that showed a new heart and mind. They began educating people in this new way of thinking. It started within one small house and expanded.
In this way TF wanted to develop Korea for the sake of its future mission. For example, he developed machine industry even at this early time. They started to make machine parts, but also began education of the heart and mind. The people who built the major Korean corporations, like Samsung and Hyundai, got their foundation in this way.
One young African boy went to Korea to study Korean and he heard about this new village movement that Father started, he studied and is now teaching this way of development in Africa.

Dr. Walshís Note:

We can all grasp, at some level that fits our capacity, that Mother Moon does not have an easy life. Just the tour alone is very challenging, day after day, she must stand before the world and represent her position with great dignity, grace, beauty and warmth, day after day, day in day out, at each event, at each meal, in the car, at the airport. Thereís no let up. She has to set and keep the standard at all times, and each day, she gives her fullest and her best. She is the best.

In the middle of this weight of responsibility, Mother still expresses so much joy. At most dinners, as various leaders report, in addition to listening attentively, there are almost always moments of joy and laughter.

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