The Words of the Walsh Family

Brazil: 4000 Welcome Moon

Thomas Walsh
July 30, 2006
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mother Moon and her daughters Yeon Jin and Jeung Jin arrived late morning in Brazil and were guided directly to the Unification Movementís large headquarters building in central Sao Paolo. The headquarters building has 6 floors, and in addition to many offices, meeting rooms, and guest rooms, the building has a suite for True Parents, and a very large ballroom.

The main event took place in that main ballroom with 4000 in attendance including "overflow rooms," and included a group of eight major religious leaders, current government officials, civic leaders and Ambassadors for Peace, etc.

For the second time on this tour, Yeon Jin Moon read the Founderís Address, "Godís Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World." She is a graduate of New York University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and economics. Born in 1981 in New York, Yeon Jin is the twelfth child of the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

Her presentation was polished and clear, and her attractive presence, youthful spirit and brightness was a natural draw for the audience, and allowed the sometimes weighty truths she communicated to be taken in with gratitude... and set the stage so well for Mother Moon.

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