The Words of the Walsh Family

Argentina: Sunny Days

Thomas G. Walsh
July 29, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mother and Jeong Jin Nim arrived in Buenos Aires mid-morning on the 28th of July, a bright, sunny, windy winter day. Argentina is a highly developed nation, and Buenos Aires a very beautiful city on the same Rio de Plata river/estuary on which Montevideo is situated [the flight from Montevideo to Buenos Aires is only 25 minutes.

The Main Program began at 6 PM at the Sheraton-Park Tower Hotel. 700 were in attendance. Rev. Gustavo Giuliano was emcee. Dr. Walsh read the Chairman’s Address. And then, since Yeon Jin Nim could not get to Buenos Aires in time for the program, Jeong Jin Nim was suddenly asked to read, with little time to prepare. She was introduced as the 13th of 13 children, and the 6th daughter in a family that has 7 sons. She graduated from Boston University in Psychology.

Although placed in a challenging situation she did splendidly, looking very confident, dignified, and with easy command of the message, and she won her audience. Mother Moon, was as usual, unchangingly excellent in her presentation, but with the extra bounce, skip, energy and joy that comes from following a good performance by one of her finest.

Following the main event no one wanted to leave; there was a "the night is still young feeling" with everyone talking and sharing happily. By about 10 o’clock, a normal dinner time for Argentinians, a small VIP dinner for about 25 people was held, allowing time for more sharing among the closer, and well established VIPs, several medical doctors, academics, a Senator, a deputy Secretary of State, NGO activists, and media professionals.

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