The Words of the Walsh Family

Uruguay: Daughter Speak

Thomas G. Walsh
July 28, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Montevideo, Uruguay

The tour party arrived late in Montevideo, Uruguay on the evening of July 26th on a stormy winter night after a long flight from Africa, where it was summer. The main event the following day went very well, in the Ballroom of the Victoria Plaza Hotel, with 1200 attendees.

On the foundation of the work of the three sons, Hyun Jin, who together with Mother Moon brought great success to the USA, Asian, and Eurasia tour; Kook Jin, to Japan, Middle East, and Europe; and Hyo Jin, to the largest region, Africa, Yeon Jin was asked, on the foundation of Mother Moonsís visit and prayer at Punte del Este, to read the Founderís Address in Uruguay. This was a surprise to her and all of us.

Introduced as the 12th child of a family of 7 sons and 6 daughters, a graduate of New York University in journalism and economics, and preparing to attend film school in the near future, Yeon Jin did perfectly in her reading. She looked beautiful, natural, composed and she read confidently, articulately, and with conviction. She looked both youthful and mature. When Mother Moon came out, she seemed to be beaming with happiness to follow such a wonderful presentation by her daughter. Additionally, Jeong Jin Moon was also present to support her mother and sister.

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