The Words of the Walsh Family

Slovenia: A Nation Embedded With Love

Thomas G. Walsh
July 12, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mother Moon arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the morning of July 12.

Slovenia is a beautiful, largely mountainous country. Its mountains are an extension of the Italian Alps, with peaks of about 3000 meters. It is the most well-forested country in Europe and has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Outside the capital, most of the people live in small villages.

When Mother Moon arrived, she had the opportunity to see some of the nearby countryside, including a beautiful lake with pure, clear mountain water.

Although they are Slavic, Sloveniaís people identify mostly with Western Europe. Even during the communist era, Slovenians did not learn the Russian language or toe the line with Stalinís policies.

The national leader is a bright, young Korean woman, Sun Woo Jo, whose husband is a Slovenian businessman.

The main event was held in a beautiful hall, which was filled to capacity. A reception preceded the main event. In addition to many Slovenian Ambassadors for Peace, a large group of Italian Ambassadors for Peace made the trip from Milan, Italy.

The movement in Slovenia is relatively young, but it shows signs of very good growth.

During his visit last year, Father Moon teased the Slovenians and encouraged them to become "Fastvenians." Slovenians, however, like to point out that their nation's name has the word love embedded in it.

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