The Words of the Walsh Family

Albania: Building a 'New Village Movement'

Thomas G. Walsh
July 7, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Tirana, Albania

Mother Moon and Kook Jin arrived in Tirana on the morning of July 7 and were welcomed by two Ambassadors for Peace: the rector of the University of Tirana and head of the Association of University Rectors of Albania, and Gago Apostoli, former Member of Parliament and government minister.

The main event was held in the Congress Hall with over 2000 in attendance. There was very good entertainment both before and after the main program.

Following the program, there was a reception for about 200 guests.

The following morning, Mother Moon mentioned that this was her third visit to Albania, and she compared the development of Albania and Korea. She referred to the devastation caused by the Korean War and described the 'New Village Movement' that brought a new spirit to the country. "Father Moon sent young people out to the rural areas in the 1960s to inspire people, especially young people, to work together to revive the country," she said. "So many people who came to our international conferences in Korea are amazed by Korea's growth. Even those who left Korea want to come back to Korea when they see the growth and development of Korea. Why donít we build a New Village Movement here in Albania and truly change this country? Do not expect others to bring the solutions. I have great hope that you can be the peacekeepers and happiness-giving persons. The capacity to be that kind of person and to achieve true love and happiness is found in the messages given during this tour."

She talked about her vision of Albania becoming a leading nation, not because of money or power but because its people live according to Godís moral and spiritual principles.

Mother Moon gave Mr. Ganni, the national leader, some seed money for education projects. During breakfast, she and Kook Jin met with the leader of the delegation from Kosovo.

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