The Words of the Walsh Family

True Olive Trees in Jerusalem

Thomas G. Walsh
June 29, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Jerusalem, Israel

The morning after the June 29 World Peace Tour event at the Regency Hotel in Jerusalem, Mother Moon asked people for their comments.

Dr. Masatoshi Abe:

Many aspects of the preparation were challenging. I had to ask someone to go to Amman to pick up some holy wine, and they faced so many challenges. We had arranged for 700 white scarves to be produced in Gaza, but the present difficulties there required that we arrange for them to be made in Ramallah. We wanted to bring those who were most likely to understand and receive True Motherís message, and we prepared translations in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian. However, some people left early, perhaps because of the content of the speeches or the length of the event.

Dr. Andrew Wilson:

I was here in 1993, working with about ten people to host a speech by True Mother. The hotel cancelled at the very last minute, and guests had to be called and directed to a Palestinian hotel. This success of this event was the result of efforts made by the UPF in Israel. During the past few days I have been attending an academic conference here organized by Shelly Elkayem, who presented a paper entitled, "Rev. Moonís Peace Pilgrimages and the Temple Mount."

Dr. Eliezer Glaubach:

This is one of the greatest moments of my life. I want to express my deep appreciation. This city is the cradle, the navel, the umbilical cord connecting this world to the realm of spirit. It is the center of all that has been written in the Old Testament and New Testament. Everything has been created here. It was, therefore, so exciting to hear Fatherís speech through True Mother and Kook Jin. We realize that these speeches have roots in the ancient time of the prophets and Jesus. We are so grateful to you for reminding us of the sacredness of our scriptures. This is peace-building. All previous prophets of history worked only in their own nations but not worldwide. It is unbelievable that you are working in 180 nations.

Mrs. Baruch Shalev:

I want to thank True Mother and your whole family for the love and constant devotion you have shown toward universal peace. Of course, we here in the Middle East desperately need this support and attention. I find it very difficult to put into words our deep gratitude to you for the real love and care. What really impresses me is the constancy of this effort. You donít give up. This gives us hope and optimism. I want to also thank Dr. and Mrs. Abe and Hod and all the Israeli people who are working every day for peace in the Middle East.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak:

I deeply appreciate your hard work. You have been longing for True Parents to arrive at this holy place. True Father has been trying to build inter-religious cooperation ever since the 1960ís. The Middle East is not a central concern for most Koreans. But because this land is holy in Godís providence True Father loves it. Year after year, he invited Muslim leaders, Jewish leaders and Christian leaders to events. He was persecuted and misunderstood by Christians and others, but he always went forward, even though it was lonely path. Since history began, how many religious leaders did this kind of work?

True Mother:

As Father taught, joy should not stay with one individual but be shared with others. In this way joy and happiness are multiplied. Yesterdayís speech is a textbook for our lives. Every day as you read it, you will learn more and grow more. This is the Holy Land, but still people are "wild olive trees" and need to be restored or engrafted as "true olive trees." That was the purpose of yesterdayís event. When the true olive tree is standing in front of us, we want to be engrafted.

Dr. Glaubach presented True Mother with a book dedicated to her as the "True Mother of Peace." Mother then visited the Western Wall and saw the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, etc., even on a Friday, which is the most intense time, when so many Muslims come to prayer and tensions can run high.

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