The Words of the Walsh Family

God's Ideal Family and Peace Kingdom 120 Nation Tour - Turkey

Thomas Walsh
June 28, 2006
Edited by Joy Pople and Louise Strait

Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, was settled by the emperor Constantine as the Roman Empire's capital on the Bosphorous, the bridge or crossroads between Europe and Asia. Turkey is a Muslim country, but in the city's midst is an enclave, with the headquarters of the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. Here is located one of the greatest cathedrals, turned into a mosque: Hagia Sophia [sacred wisdom], where many early Christian ecumenical councils were convened.

Mother and Kook Jin Nim arrived in Istanbul on June 28 and were welcomed by a group that included Ambassadors for Peace, the various leaders of our movement in Turkey, plus Dr. Chang Shik Yang and several Korean War veterans. Turkey was one of the 16 nations that participated in the UN forces during the Korean War, and Dr. Yang has responsibility for Turkey in relation to this group of veterans. Mr. Alireza Alhoui came from the Today’s World office in Korea, and Mr. Ray Mas came from the World Peace Herald office in Washington, DC. One of the veterans at the airport had a photo album of his time in Korea with many very wonderful and well-preserved pictures.

The main event was attended by 500 people, including many Ambassadors for Peace, Korean War veterans, and other civic, religious and government leaders. In the past, most events in Turkey involved some tension due to the lack of a substantial foundation for our movement in Turkey. However, this time, that gap was very bridgeable.

Kook Jin Nim spoke very dynamically and with his whole heart. Mother Moon was, as she has been so consistently throughout, radiant and effective in communicating both content and heart, truth and love.

Each night the children of True Parents -- Hyun Jin and his wife Jun Sook in Asia and Eurasia and now Kook Jin and his wife Ji Hye as well as daughter Yeon Jin -- sit attentively and supportively in the audience along with Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Jin Man Kwak, and others. In company with everyone else, they follow the text with Mother Moon as she reads her speech, always learning more.

The audience was very warm, welcoming, and very happy to be there. The Korean War veterans added a lot. When Rev. Kwak gave his Chairman’s Address, he acknowledged the veterans and expressed his appreciation for them; they stood and received everyone’s applause.

Many table groups in the audience were made up of members from the same family. As Dr. Walsh went around to tables during the dinner following the event, many introduced him to their husband or wife, their sisters and brothers, their mother and father, and so forth.

One of the daughters of founding president, Kemal Ataturk, was in the audience and expressed much appreciation, saying that the speeches of Mother and Kook Jin Nim "expressed the same ideals and vision that I and my family hold dear."

Basically all were inspired, appreciative, and eager to continue building the relationship and building a movement.

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