The Words of the Walsh Family

Hoon Dok Hae Report - Lebanon

Thomas Walsh
June 26 -27, 2006

Mother and Kook Jin Nim arrived in Beirut, Lebanon, and were welcomed at the airport by many Ambassadors for Peace and other UPF leaders in Lebanon. These included diplomats and professors along with Dr. and Mrs. Sang Jin Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schellen, and Japanese representatives.

Several people visited the memorial for former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was killed by a car bomb in 2005. They laid an origami wreath at his grave.

The main event was held in a beautiful hall, with 500 people in the audience. The stage design and organization of the program were excellent. Congratulatory remarks were given by a former ambassador and a sheikh. The audience included many distinguished leaders, including several members of parliament, a military commander, and key religious leaders. Kook Jin Nim delivered his speech with great dignity.

The program ended with a prayer for blessing in marriage and three cheers of celebration. It was followed by dinner and entertainment that included the audience joining in dancing. It was a joyful evening.

The following people offered reflections on the evening’s event. "In Lebanon, people love beauty and ideals, and they like to follow a good leader. Mother Moon really moved everyone’s hearts," one person commented. A Druze leader expressed appreciation for the words that were spoken and commented, "As knowledge and light grow brighter, ignorance is diminished."

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