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"God's Ideal Family and Peace Kingdom" 120 Nation Tour - Kiev, Ukraine

Thomas Walsh
June 26, 2006
Kiev, Ukraine

True Mother arrived in Kiev, Ukraine at about 10 AM on June 26. Kook Jin Nim, Ji Ae Nim, and Rev. Kwak, all of whom had arrived the night before, welcomed Mother and Hyun Jin Nim to Kiev, along with Ukrainian leaders.

We went to a special waiting area to wait while passports were processed. The processing took a long time.

While waiting, True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim spoke to the Ambassadors for Peace who had gathered. Hyun Jin Nim spoke quite a bit to them:

"My fatherís vision is very holistic and broad. He does not just look at the world from a political or an economic point of view, or a sociological or psychological point of view, or even only a spiritual point of view. He looks to the root issues, and especially the family... Religions tend to focus on the salvation of the individual, but my father understands that salvation is through the family and lineage. His message is universal. Those who open their eyes can see this and do not oppose, for they can understand... My fatherís teaching is neither left nor right [wing]. It is head-wing, centered on Godism." [end of few notes from his remarks]

The processing of our passports took a very, very long time. We were told it was due to a new software system that was not functioning correctly. However, after about two hours of waiting, we were informed that Hyun Jin Nimísí entry had been blocked. No explanation was given, just blocked. He was told he either had to be transferred to a separate area, alone, for questioning, or he had to agree to depart today, that is, leave Ukraine. Immediately we placed calls to the U.S. Embassy and to our friends in Washington to take any steps we could to have this awful, foolish decision reversed. Due to the time zone difference, however, it was not easy to reach anyone in the United States. Everyone did all they could to try to correct the situation. As the time for the 5 PM program approached, most of us had to depart for the hotel. Jin Man Kwak and Bob Smart remained with Hyun Jin Nim.

The Main Event began at 5 PM, and we were attended by a standing-room-only audience of about 700, including many high-level Ambassadors for Peace. Rev. Kwak presented the Chairmanís Address. Because Hyun Jin Nim was blocked at the airport, Kook Jin Nim read the Founderís Address in his place.

After the event started, we suddenly received word that just prior to Hyun Jin Nimís departure from Kiev for Europe, and with his bags already checked and on the plane, authorities reversed the decision to block his entry and that he was on his way to the hotel. As it turned out, he could not make it in time to present the Founderís Address; too many bureaucratic obstacles were placed in the way for him to make it to the event on time. The good news, however, was that he was able to be in Kiev to conclude the tour that he and True Mother had led all across Eurasia.

It was a joyful moment when Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim arrived at the hotel, were welcomed by all the members, and then went to True Motherís suite.

Comments from Guests:

Leader of the International League of "Mothers and Sisters" for the Youth of Ukraine:

"I am so grateful to you for your conference that brings us to a higher, more international level of thinking. You are opening the way for a new level of human relationships and bringing in a new age."

Head of the All Ukrainian Political Party and former member of Parliament:

"There are many political parties in this nation, but they do not fully reflect or promote the true value of the human being. We are born ultimately to experience joy in the family. Unless we center on God, human fulfillment is not possible. The words we heard today are ringing in my mind. We must unite together. Let us meet together more often and take action. I want to thank Mrs. Moon. She has 13 children; I have 5, and that is more than I can handle well. My youngest is 10 months."

NGO Leader:

"The world is now in a very critical situation. Let us all united together with the UPF."

Vice Chair, Ukrainian Peace Council; Advisor to Leonid Kravchuk, first president of Ukraine:

"My best greetings from the first President of Ukraine, Mr. Kravchuk. My organization has been working with you for 7 years. We can do so many things together here in Ukraine, cooperating on many projects."

Teacher from International League:

"Every day I teach my students. After todayís meeting I am so inspired. I have heard so much about the importance of marriage and family. I will teach this to my students."

Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

"So many efforts are taking place for many decades to change this world and establish lasting peace. Today we saw a living example, a model of true peace in the family, and a vision of universal peace."

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