The Words of the Walsh Family

Sharing Godís Dream in Lithuania

Thomas G. Walsh
June 25, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Vilnius, Lithuania

Mother Moon and Hyun Jin arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the morning of June 25. The main program was convened at 4:00 PM in the ballroom of the Crown Plaza Hotel. Four hundred delegates gathered. The vice chair of the Lithuania Association for Human Rights gave the welcoming address.

Following the main event, a dinner was convened with 22 Ambassadors for Peace. As they shared their experiences, some reflected on their relationship with Father Moon over the years. "I served in World War II and was wounded several times," said one 83-year-old veteran. "I met Rev. Moon several years ago at a World Media Conference. I have received so much energy today. I will try to the last day of my life to be loyal to Rev. Moonís teaching." Another person said, "This message and this event is the realization of the hopes that many of us have had for many, many years."

Several people spoke of Lithuaniaís experience of family breakdown, high divorce rates, declining birth rates, and young people with no interest in marriage. "People today are lost," one person observed. "The government creates hundreds of laws, but these do not bring lasting solutions to our problems."

Appreciation was expressed for the teaching on marriage, family and exchange blessing. One person said, "We heard such a wonderful vision of the ideal family. We need to take this to our youth, even to the coffee shops and the bars. They are losing their way." Another said, "To see a mother and son together, going around the world with the message is amazing. I have never seen or heard of such a thing. They are so beautiful together. I am filled with joy to see this. In todayís world young people are not related well to parents. This event is a great inspiration." Still another person said, "I never thought I would see the Queen of Peace. Such a great person in a small country!"

Many people returned the following morning to spend more time with Mother Moon and her family. "Donít you see and feel how the world is changing at this time?" she asked them. "The world is prepared to receive this message. It is as if an incredible drought has plagued the earth and finally water of life is coming. Feed the fires that have sparked in peopleís minds and hearts. Bring the harvest to fruition."

There was singing and dancing by Belarussians and Latvians. Then Hyun Jin sang an Elvis Presley song entitled "There Must Be Lights Burning Brighter Somewhere." "This song makes me think of Godís dream. We represent a great vision and dream, that is, Godís dream of a world of universal peace, centered on ideal families."

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