The Words of the Walsh Family

Seeking the Point of Resonance in Latvia

Thomas G. Walsh
June 24, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Riga, Latvia

Mother Moon arrived in Riga, Latvia, on June 24. It was gorgeous day at a hotel located on the Baltic Sea, with fresh air, sunshine, and a beautiful view of the sea from the hotel window and balcony.

Latvia has about 2.3 million people. Like Estonia and Lithuania, it has often been a battleground between major powers during its history. In the 20th century it was annexed by the USSR, and became independent in 1991. There are still Russians in Latvia, but many have become assimilated into Latvian culture, although most still speak Russian.

It was near the summer solstice, and it seemed to be always bright, getting a little dark around 10:30 PM and become fully light about 3:00 AM.

The main event was held in the late afternoon. Five hundred people attended. Dr. Leon Bojars, former Member of Parliament and an active Ambassador for Peace, gave the congratulatory address, and Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, regional chair of UPF-Eurasia, gave the Chairmanís Address. Hyun Jin and Mother Moon communicated Godís word powerfully to a responsive and grateful audience. The word has a powerful presence in the room.

Following the main event, there was a dinner organized by Jeff Tallakson and the national leader, Sasha Krivostanenko. People shared their reflections about the event and the important mission and work of UPF. Some called this day a new beginning or rebirth time for them. Others spoke about being moved by the video that showed so much of the worldwide foundation, because they had had no idea of the scope of UPFís work.

Some people who had been involved in these peace efforts over the years were accompanied by their spouse for the first time. One husband reported that his wife had brought him to the stage to participate in the blessing, and he expressed his deep appreciation.

A film recently produced in Russia contained many false allegations the Universal Peace Federation. Some people proposed preparing a refutation, saying that Latvia should produce something to educate the Russians. There was also discussion why members of the Orthodox Church or other denominations find it difficult to accept the value of other religious beliefs.

It was a very beautiful evening, and after meeting with leaders in her suite, Mother Moon went for a walk on the beach with her children, Dr. Seuk and national leaders.

The following morning, Mother Moon commented on the many languages spoken by people attending the event, including Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Korean and Japanese. "When the first human ancestors fell away from God, one result was continual division and separation; this led to so many languages, 6000 different languages. People seek and speak and pray in all those languages. There are so many who have lived on this earth

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