The Words of the Walsh Family

120 Nation Tour - Latvia

Thomas Walsh
June 24-25
Riga, Latvia

True Mother arrived in Riga, Latvia, midmorning on the 24th. It was a gorgeous day. Fortunately, Motherís hotel was located right on the Baltic Sea, with fresh air and sunshine and a beautiful view of the sea from her suite window and balcony.

Latvia has about 2.3 million people. Like Estonia, it was often a battleground of major powers during its history. In the 20th century, it was annexed by the USSR but became independent in 1991. There are still Russians in Latvia; many have become assimilated into Latvian culture but most still speak Russian.

It is summer solstice time, and it seems to be always bright, getting darkish around 10:30 PM and fully light about 3 AM.

The Main Event was held in the late afternoon. 500 gathered. Dr. Leon Bojars, former Member of Parliament and an active Ambassador for Peace, gave the congratulatory address; Dr. Seuk gave the chairmanís address. Hyun Jin Nim and True Mother communicated Godís word powerfully to a responsive and grateful audience. The Word had a powerful presence in the room.

Following the Main Event was a dinner organized by Jeff Talakson and the national leader, Sasha.. Many dignitaries and Ambassadors for Peace gathered and shared their reflections on the event and the important mission and work of the Universal Peace Federation. Some shared that this day was like a new beginning or rebirth for them. Others spoke about being moved by the video showing so much of True Parentsí foundation worldwide because they had had no idea of the scope of the work of the Universal Peace Federation. Others were deeply moved by the Blessing ceremony. One husband reported that his wife led him without any explanation to participate on the stage in the Blessing. He was initially not so happy but afterward came to understand its value. Others discussed a negative film produced in Russia and proposed to mobilize some response and refutation of its misrepresentations. There was also discussion about why it was so challenging for many of their friends in the conventional denominations to accept the value of other religions; some were trying but could not easily make the transition. Some spouses spoke about how their mates had been involved for years but that this was the first time they attended an event and could not think of a better way to support their spouse.

After having a late post-event dinner in her suite, Mother was able to go for a walk on the beach with Dr. Seuk and National Messiahs Rev. and Mrs. Chung on a very beautiful evening, along with Hyun Jin Nim, Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Jin Nim.

At Hoon Dok Hae on June 25, Mother told those gathered, "You are so lucky to live at the time of our True Parents and to be in their presence. The speeches being taken around the world are a textbook for our lives. ÖSo as you read these speeches every day, you must find a point of alignment and resonance so you can transform your lives. But these speeches should not just bear fruit in you; they must bear fruit in all people in your community, society and nationÖ

"I believe with this number of people in this room [about 100] we can transform this nation. If you really know and share True Parentsí true love, we can change this nation. You must give and practice true love for the sake of others. Even though True Father is limited to Korea, he is with us 24 hours a day on this tour, through his prayer and spirit.

Because of the time difference, Father was watching our event at 3 AM, in Korea, less than two hours before HDH was to begin. We are not separated even for one minute during this world tour. So, when you are vertically aligned with us and give this message with your whole heart, there is no one you cannot reach."

After some songs, Mother asked Hyun Jin Nim to speak. "So many bright young faces!" he said. "You can change this world. This is an age when Godís dream is becoming a reality."

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