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120 Nation Tour - Tajikistan

Thomas Walsh
June 19, 2006
Dushambe, Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a former USSR Republic, now part of the CIS, but somewhat independent. Tajikistan became independent from the USSR in 1991, then almost immediately had its own civil war, to some extent fed by Islamic militant fundamentalists and some of Taliban extract. That war was resolved in the late 1990s. The current presidential administration is trying to promote inter-religious dialogue and cooperation.

The nation is 90% Muslim, mostly Sunni, with some Shia and Sufi. There are cultural roots linked to Persia and Zoroastrian philosophy.

Tajikistan joined the NATO Partnership for Peace

Most Russians, Germans, and Jews evacuated the country after the Soviet collapse and the outbreak of civil war. The country therefore had a significant brain drain and is currently quite poor.

It is largely a mountainous country, with peaks at 7000 meters and more, such as "Lenin Peak." 50% of country is above 3000 meters. Only 6% of the land is arable.

The current government, due in significant ways to our Ambassadors for Peace, is very open to religions and to our movement, and especially the IEF. The UPF-IEF partnership is very effective here.

Due to Ambassadors for Peace, some of whom attended the recent Mongolian Peoplesí Federation for World Peace conference in Korea, doors opened up for our entry. We are staying at a beautiful presidential palace, surrounded once again by mountains. There are lots of cherries, grapes, figs, nectarines, nuts, peaches, oranges, etc in this region.

The main event will be held at the Presidential Conference center. It seats only 330 and will be open only to dignitaries. The hall is very new and is state-of-the-art in quality and elegance, a very good venue for True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim.

There are quite a few Russian members here helping out, as the foundation in Tajikistan is very new and only recently opened up. The Russian members, throughout this region, are really serving as a kind of regional "elder son." Many have left Russia to serve as pioneers and missionaries in other nations in the region. They bring much talent, ability, good training, and warm hearts. They are restoring the Soviet era, when Russia was a "big brother" who dominated by force and fear.

MAIN EVENT: The event was held at the Presidential Conference Center. Ordinarily it is used only by the president. However, he personally agreed to allow us to use it. It seats only 350, but the audience was all very high level. The program went beautifully.

VIP DINNER: Following the program there was a VIP dinner for 40 Ambassadors for Peace and local dignitaries. During dinner many expressed great appreciation for True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim and their message. One well-known actress said that this day marked a new beginning for Tajikistan. Another spoke about the vision for marriage and family expressed in the speeches and said that is exactly what Tajikistan needs. One other spoke about how everyone called each other "comrade" during Soviet times, but now we were truly creating a family of brothers and sisters through the UPF movement. Many others spoke similarly, and some sang. Those Ambassadors for Peace who had attended recent conferences in Korea were especially inspired.

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