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120 Nation Tour - Bishkek, Kyrgystan

Thomas Walsh
June 17-19
Bishkek, Kyrgystan

True Mother arrived in Bishkek midday on June 17, a beautiful, bright, sunny day. The drive from the airport is spectacular as the flat Kazzakh steppe that is so rich and fertile meets the snow-capped Tien-Shan mountains that rise abruptly and fully visible on this clear day, reminding us all that Kyrgystan deserves its name as "the Switzerland of Central Asia."

Landing at the airport, one sees a number of aircraft from the US Air Force; the US has had an air force base in Kyrgystan for a number of years, following the break-up of the USSR, to support US military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

True Mother and her entourage arrived at the state residence of the president of Kygystan, unpacked, and had lunch.

Kyrgystan has the second largest alpine lake in the world, Issyk Kul lake, situated at 1609 meters above sea level, and 6300 sq km, fed by 180 rivers/streams. There are ruins of a Nestorian Christian monastery dating back to 10th century. There is one 3,000 year old city, Osh. Kyrgystan was on the "Silk Road" of trade and at various time there was a confluence of Buddhist, Christian and Muslim cultures.

Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, and Yeon Jin Nim, had a rare chance to spend a couple of hours looking around Bishkek and seeing some of the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.

At Hoon Dok Hae on June 18, True Mother guided the members, encouraging them to learn Korean. Chung Woo Lee translated. He is the son of the Korean national messiah and serves now as the national leader. True Mother spoke about the progress of the tour and the response in other nations, indicating that we are living in a very different era, a time of harvest.

Day Trip: True Mother, Hyun Jin Nim, and Jun Sook Nim drove into the nearby mountains that surround Bishkek, taking in the pure air and seeing the fresh, mountain streams. I wasn’t able to join this outing, but heard that at one point Hyun Jin Nim was carrying True Mother on his back, trekking up a trail.

The main event was held in a beautiful opera and ballet concert hall in the center of Bishkek. The hall was the "Lincoln Center" of Kyrgystan. The stage was large and grand, and decorated beautifully for the event. 700 people attended the main event. The event opened with a Kyrgyz string orchestra of about 30 members, and three separate vocalists performing classical Kyrgyz songs. Former Prime Minister Chyngeshev and Mr. Chernomodoretz, both Ambassadors for Peace, gave welcoming remarks. Both True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim delivered the message and officiated at the Blessing with elegance, beauty and power.

The Lee Family, centered on Choong Woo Lee, organized the event beautifully. Last year, when he was in Kyrgystan, Father appointed Chung Woo Lee as the national messiah of Kyrgystan, succeeding his father. Chung Woo’s two brothers, Chung Hyo and Chung Kon, also had central roles in managing our visit. Chung Woo is fluent in Russian, Korean and English, and he is working on his doctorate in philosophy at the Kyrgyz graduate academy.

The Kyrgyz movement is growing strong, but is also young. Many bright young, more experienced members came from both Russia (three days’ travel by train from Moscow] and nearby Kazakhstan.

At Hoon Dok Hae one saw almost entirely young faces. They are inspired, energetic and dedicated.

At HDH on June 19 True Mother asked Russian members to stand, then to come forward and sing. She gave them some "seed" money to expand their work. She then asked the Kazakhstan members to stand and sing a song. She then also gave some "seed" money for their mission. Mother then gave to Chung Woo Lee for the Kyrgystan mission. Then True Mother introduced Hyun Jin Nim to speak. He spoke briefly, explaining the importance of this time and the opportunity of this time in history; he encouraged them and solicited their verbal commitment, which they gave enthusiastically. He then asked Jin Man Kwak and Tom Walsh to accompany him in singing, "If I Can Dream."

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