The Words of the Walsh Family

Big Dreams in Taiwan

Thomas G. Walsh
June 5, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Taipei, Taiwan

On June 5, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China was the last event in the Asia region of UPF. Taiwanís population is predominantly Buddhist.

The main program was held at Taipeiís beautiful Sun Yat Sen Hall, which seats 4,000. The program proceeded according to the basic format, before an enthusiastic full house. Each part of the program was carried out with precision and dignity. The Taiwanese UPF is very experienced and most capable in all areas.

The following morning Hyun Jin spoke:

"The future is what you make it. If you really inherit and own the message from yesterday, you can be the authors of that future. It depends on how you invest yourselves. I like to speak to younger people because they dream more, since they have more time. Their dreams are related to their longer lifespan. My father is the youngest person I know, and he has the greatest dream. What is the greatest dream? It is the dream that God had from the beginning of time. Will you take on Godís dream?"

This concluded the nine-nation tour in the Asia region: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

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