The Words of the Walsh Family

Transforming Hearts In Cambodia

Thomas G. Walsh
June 4, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On June 4, H.E. Son Soubert, a member of the Constitutional Committee, welcomed Mother Moon and Hyun Jin at the airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Arriving at the hotel, the driveway was lined on either side by about 400 young people.

The main hall at the Inter Continental Hotel was filled to capacity for the main program, with standing room in the back. The 1,000 guests included both Ambassadors for Peace and many young people, some from Thailand. Cambodian dignitaries included cabinet ministers, members of parliament, professors, university administrators, religious leaders, and business leaders. Welcome remarks were given by H.E. Son Soubert.

Both Mother Moon and Hyun Jin felt at ease and presented their speeches confidently and joyfully. Cambodian people are gentle by nature, and throughout the program they were very attentive. There was a high spirit and a clear affinity between audience and speakers. Twelve Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.

The following morning Mother Moon met with many of the young people who had been present the night before. "I understand many of you are from Thailand," she said. "Under one common God, we are all brothers and sisters. So, in front of God there are no national barriers. As we break down barriers we can bring great joy to God. If you are the young people here, please think of exchange marriage."

Hyun Jin spoke of adventures of the heart: "To change the world, you need to transform people’s hearts. The true love of God has not been understood. Hearts have not been moved. This cannot be understood simply through your head but through your heart. Show that passion and heart, not only to Cambodia, but Thailand and all Southeast Asia."

Mother Moon had dinner with several of the eight people from Thailand who had spent many years in prison due to the persecution of the Unification movement. She also spent time with one Thai sister who had spent four years in prison in Laos.

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