The Words of the Walsh Family

Investing in Education in Nepal

Thomas G. Walsh
June 1, 2006
UPF Secretary General
Kathmandu, Nepal

Many local dignitaries and Ambassadors for Peace formed a welcoming party at the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal on June 1. Banners and posters were everywhere, announcing the visit of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and Dr. Hyun Jin Moon to Nepal. A mile-long line of more than 3,000 students lined both sides of the roadway, waving flags.

A reception was attended by the current Speaker of the House, and the current deputy speaker, two former prime ministers, four cabinet ministers, and two vice chancellors of universities, including Kathmandu University.

The main program was held at the majestic Birendra International Convention Center, set on a large plaza with the Himalayas looming on the horizon. At least 2,000 delegates from all 75 of the regional districts of Nepal were gathered. Hon. Subesh Chandra Newang, the recently-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, gave opening remarks.

Prior to the keynote address, there was a special announcement: Mother Moon and Hyun Jin Moon, along with Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Kim, regional chairpersons of UPF-Asia, were making a contribution of $50,000 toward care, relief and education for children who were victims of the conflict that has plagued the country in recent years. An estimated 1,000 children lost both their father and mother during the conflict. This donation was presented to the two university vice chancellors, as representatives of the Ambassadors for Peace.

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