The Words of the Walsh Family

Former Prime Minister of Barbados Welcomes UPF

Thomas Walsh
December 19, 2005
Secretary General IIFWP/UP
Bridgetown, Barbados

Dr. and Mrs. Moon arrived in beautiful Barbados and were welcomed by the former first couple, Sir Lloyd and Lady Sandiford The main event was in a splendid national conference hall, constructed while Sir Lloyd Sandiford was the Prime Minister.

Introducing Father and Mother Moon to the people of Barbados, Sir Lloyd gave a beautiful welcome address, underscoring that Barbados needed to listen to Father Moonís message with an open mind. "Many leaders in the past were misunderstood, and later recognized as true heroes to Barbados and the world," he said. "Even though some misunderstand Father Moon now, but they will see the truth in the future."

The Moonís youngest daughters, Yeon Jin and Jeung Jin arrived in Bridgetown to join their parents for the final leg of the tour, and were clearly a great support. "I have 13 children, and tonight two of my daughters are here," Dr. Moon remarked, "They do not completely understand their fatherís mission and work, as they are still growing up. They do appreciate my hard work and dedication. In ten more years they will fully understand. In the future they will be going around the world in my place. Being a daughter of Rev. Moon is not easy, and they have faced much difficulty in their lives."

"Twenty years ago, while they were very young, I was imprisoned in Danbury on a false charge of failing to pay $7,000 in taxes, after I had invested a billion dollars for the sake of America. Ambitious and prejudiced prosecutors, and others influenced by communist ideology or religious bigotry and corruption were behind the prosecution."

I will mobilize billionaires in America to end poverty and starvation, to stop the outrage of 60,000 people per day from dying of starvation, many of them children. Think of the heart of God towards these people! Think of how their mothers and fathers feel! Also, I started the Abel UN to solve these kinds of problems.

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