The Words of the Walsh Family

Vice President Lu Hsiu Lien Welcomes Dr Moon to Taiwan

Thomas Walsh
November 30, 2005
Secretary General IIFWP/UPF
Taipei, Taiwan

The event attracted a full house of 3,000 people. At each stop, the preparation and the results seem to get better and better. For example, the pre-program was packed with artistic entertainment, and included a string quartet, a choir and a dance group. Translation between Korean and Chinese was seamless and effective.

The main speaker prior to Rev. Kwak and Dr. Moon was the Vice President of Taiwan, Hon. Ms. Lu Hsiu Lien A former political activist who spent nearly six years imprisoned for her stand on human rights, Ms. Lu has become known internationally for promoting her "soft power" ideals: human rights, democracy, peace, love and high technology. She became the first female vice president of the ROC in May 2000.

Picking up on some of the themes from his address in Hong Kong a few days earlier, Father Moon reminded the audience that his vision of an "Abel UN" must be understood in a spiritual, not political context. "We cannot create the Abel UN by manís effort alone," he said, "We need Godís help. There has been no true country of God, no true religion of God, and no true champion of God." Many countries are supportive, Dr. Moon said, but time is running out.

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