The Words of the Walsh Family

"Day of Bright Sunshine" coming to China, the World

Thomas Walsh
November 29, 2005
Secretary General IIFWP/UPF
Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

Night view of Hong Kong Harbor with the Peninsula Hotel bottom left Dr. and Mrs. Moon arrived in Hong Kong, China on November 28 from Cambodia and were welcomed at the airport by Dr. and Mrs. Seuk, Thomas and Kathy Hwang and others and guided to the famous Peninsula Hotel.

The main event began at 5:30, in a banquet hall near the Peninsula. Five hundred people gathered. Thomas Hwang served as emcee and Dr. Tong Yun Kai, President of the Confucian Academy, gave the congratulatory address.

"The new century will be an era of coexistence among various cultures and their unavoidable mutual influence," Dr. Tong said. An international scholar, Tong is a notable critic of Samuel Huntington’s theory of cultural conflicts. "In fact, from the Confucian perspective, despite the existence of certain degrees of conflict between cultures, different cultures are complementary to each other," he says, "What is most important is the attitude we take in dealing with this conflict."

Father Moon spoke for about 4 hours and dinner was served about 10:00 PM. Keeping up with a long tradition when visiting communist and former communist nations, Father Moon spoke less about the formalities of religion or religious life but more about the heart of God and God’s grief over the human condition.

"Although some faiths often portray God as the God of glory and judgment, actually being a judge is a low position for God. When God looks down at his children, His heart is full of agony and pain," he said.

"I am now going around the world to 120 nations with this message from God," he said, "and before I die I just want to teach the truth to all people. As long as I live in this world, I will educate people, and prepare them for spirit world and to meet God."

"Neither China nor the USA can solve the world’s problems," he said, "so we have to follow God’s will." In a play on words, Dr. Moon encouraged Chinese Premier Hu Jin Tao (who was not present) to build a ‘tower’ of peace. "Dark clouds are departing and the day of bright sunshine is coming!" he said.

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