The Words of the Walsh Family

Short Tour Stop in Israel

Thomas Walsh
November 20, 2005
Secretary General IIFWP/UPF
Jerusalem, Israel

The meeting in Jerusalem was high-spirited and warm-hearted, and, once again, indicative of significant growth, development and the weakening of prejudice, bigotry and fear.

Following the Peace Walk in Amman, Jordan, UPF Chair Rev. Kwak traveled by car to Israel. Prior to crossing King Hussein Bridge, he and many of the leaders and volunteers who had worked on the Jordan event, stopped at the Holy Ground which Dr. Moon had established in 1965 and prayed, for Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and of course peace in the Middle East.

More than 700 Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans gathered for the event at the Hyatt Regency ballroom on Mount Scopus. Professor Shuki Ben Ami was the emcee and to start off introduced a kibbutzim choir, followed by an invocation by Rabbi David Ringler, a welcome Address by Professor Glaubach and the blowing of the shofar by Rabbi Waldman,

As soon as Rev. Kwak completed the speech we had to race to the airport to catch the flight to Katmandu, traveling in 24 hours from the Dead Sea, lowest elevation on the planet, to the "roof of the world," the land of Everest. There’s highs and lows in this life.

When he arrived in Katmandu on the 21st, Rev. Kwak reported at length to Dr. Moon, who had arrived earlier that day, about the 3 main events in the Middle East, including the Peace Walk in Jordan, praising the work of all the Ambassadors for Peace and volunteers, from virtually all the nations in the region, as well as Korea, Japan, and the USA, who contributed to the success in each of the nations.

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