The Words of the Walsh Family

Initial "General Information" for 7 Providential Nations Mobilization

Thomas G. Walsh
September 8, 2003

Some Key Objectives/Goals

Fulfill a condition and restore the post-WW II mission of the 7 providential nations to serve Godís providence.

Education all people to better understand Fatherís and IIFWPís vision of peace and global governance.

Promote greater awareness of the spiritual world and communication coming from the spiritual world that is relevant to the current historical situation.

Support the current providence related to the UN Interreligious Council

Support the current providence related to the establishment of a new international organization for global governance, known currently as the Interreligious and International Peace Council

Develop the skills, capacities, knowledge of the volunteers who come so they are even more effective, not only during their time in New York, but when they return to their nations.

Support programs that will take place during the time of the mobilization, including:

U.N. International Day of Peace on September 21

Service Projects related Religious Youth Service

Distribution of spiritual messages

Outreach to key sectors:

United Nations

Religions NGOs

Grass Roots

Utilization of Media to promote the above objectives.

A. Tentative Mobilization Schedule: World Peace Campaign

The following is a tentative daily schedule for the mobilization period. Also included is an overview, also tentative, of the overall schedule. This information is still a "work in progress." However, we want to give you as much information as we can, knowing the concerns everyone had, and the sacrifice you are making.

First Week: Orientation Period:

Participants during the first week will have the opportunity to take part in a morning orientation period that will help them understand more deeply the purpose of this mobilization. Each of us will gain a deeper grasp of the history and vision of True Parents work with the UN, current developments with the interreligious council, the new initiative for an Interreligious and International Peace Council as a model of global governance, and the multi-faceted work of IIFWP and its affiliates.

Education and Training sessions will be held and training material provided that will support your particular outreach task. Our orientation week sessions will usually conclude at 10:00 AM.

Following Weeks :

After the conclusion of the Orientation Period the mobilization schedule calls for participants to gather for HDK and morning meetings that will normally conclude at 8:30 AM. This will allow participants time to get to their areas earlier.

1st Week (Orientation Period)

Morning sessions throughout our stay will be at the Manhattan Center

5:00 HDK (Manhattan Center)
6:30 Breakfast
7:15 General announcements
7:30 Session 1:
8:30 Session 2:
9:30 Short Team Meeting
10:00 Depart to areas Ė Outreach
18:00 Return to the New Yorker
20:00 Team meetings
21:00 Staff Leaders Meeting ( 11th Floor Office)

Following Weeks

5:00 HDK
6:30 Breakfast
7:15 General announcements
7:30 Session or Team Meetings
8:30 Depart for areas
18:00 Return to the New Yorker
20:00 Team meetings
21:00 Staff Leaders Meeting ( 11th Floor Office)
Tentative General Schedule:

September 5-14 Premobilization preparation period

September 13, 14 Arrivals: Candidates arrive at the Hotel New Yorker. Participants register at the 11th floor Mobilization Office. (Signs on the 11th floor will guide you) September 15-20 Orientation Program: (Review Orientation Week Schedule)

September 21 United Nations International Day of Peace

September 22 Regular Outreach Schedule

October 1-4 IIFWP Conference on Peace Council

October 14 Special Liberation Ceremony in Korea: Anniversary of Fatherís release from Hungnam, N. Korea B. Fee, Expenses and Fundraising:

There is no budget for this mobilization. Therefore, we are asking that each volunteer bring at least $500 as a registration fee. We will rely on the fees from the volunteers. In addition we will need to arrange some form of fundraising system to cover basic expenses related to food, laundry, ground transportation, materials, etc.

C. Accommodations and Meeting Area:

The New Yorker:

The Hotel New Yorker has been gracious in opening up to our request for space to help host the mobilization teams. The hotel is in large part being run in cooperation with Ramada and is under certain restraints. Some area in the hotel is not under contract with the Ramada Corporation. We are able to use space in this unrestricted area but we will need to keep in mind that this is in large part a public hotel with certain expectations for etiquette and procedural norms. At the hotel we will have a mix of sleeping arrangements that will go from very basic sleeping bag rooms to modest guest rooms. All rooms will be packed pretty tightly.

We will work on getting sleeping bags but if you can bring one it will be helpful.

4 West 43rd Street:

The past location of the HSA-UWC USA headquarters is in large part being leased to other tenants. In the remaining area we have the ability to sleep over one hundred participants in a variety of rooms.

Meeting Rooms:

We will have access to a large meeting space in the Manhattan Center nearly every morning throughout the mobilization.

National Teams will have access to small meeting rooms in the New Yorker.

The mobilization committee has a large office on the 11th floor of the New Yorker.

D. Food:

Breakfast will be distributed at the Manhattan Center each morning. Other meals may be arranged in your area or you may make other arrangements with your team.

E. Mobilization Teams and Tasks:

The 7 nation mobilization will initially function as four central teams from these areas: 1. Korea 2. Japan 3. USA 4. Europe

Each Central team will be subdivided into smaller functional teams.

The outreach will focus on three key tasks:

UN outreach
Religious organizations
Grass roots outreach

The IIFWP Internationalís UN Office team will coordinate 70 selected mobilization members to help complement its ongoing programs.

Two additional areas of focus will be on outreach to religious organizations and to NGOs that have offices in the New York area, and that have national and international representation. Many members will connect to these organizations.

The fourth focus area will involve outreach to local communities.

Teams may also stay for a period of time in local FFWPU centers. This will help the effort to be linked to ongoing efforts made by such organizations as the ACLC and WFWP. This will also help keep travel time to a minimum and provide witnessing teams will local expertise and experience.

F. Materials for Witnessing:

General outreach material will be provided to each participant. In addition, we will create special materials for each of the four outreach groups. We will work to help prepare each of the participants so that they will be able to clearly share with the people and organizations that they meet.

G. Other Points:

Weather can be cool in September and October. Bring appropriate clothing.

Bring both casual shoes/clothing and dress shoes/clothing.

Bring sleeping bag if possible.

Bring International Drivers License if possible.

Bring FM radio if possible.

Bring any needed medication.

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