The Words of the Walsh Family

IIFWP Secretariat on Behalf of Rev. Kwak, the Chairman

Thomas G. Walsh
September 8, 2003

To: IIFWP Regional Chairs, Regional Secretaries General, National Chapter Leadership of 7 Providential Nations: Korea, Japan, America, UK, France, Germany, Italy

From: IIFWP Secretariat on Behalf of Rev. Kwak, the Chairman

Re: Mobilization Update

Date: September 8, 2003

Greetings on behalf of Rev. Kwak.

We are excited to hear news of so many volunteers from 7 providential nations rising to the call to come to America to serve True Parents and the providence at this time.  With this communication we include an initial "General Information" update.  It is neither complete nor perfect.  However, we want to provide information and current planning.

Please note one important item in the attached document.  We are asking each volunteer to bring a registration fee of $500 to help cover expenses related to this mobilization.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Thomas G. Walsh, Ph.D.
Secretary General

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