Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Why We Must Suffer

Won Pil Kim

Excerpts from a speech given by Pre. Kim in Lancaster Gate after pledge service on -12th May 1991

Surely you have a lot of suffering in your heart. Why? It is because God himself has a lot of suffering and struggle and also True Parent shave a lot of struggle and suffering in their heart. Imagine the situation of God and True Parents seeing that mankind have left God and gone far away and wanting to bring them back.

How much God has suffered and struggled seeing such mankind. Therefore, we also have a lot of suffering and struggle in our heart. We have this suffering and struggle not because we have a weak faith or something. No, the reason why we have such suffering and struggle in our heart is because we have a proper faith in God. That is why. What is the reason why God is suffering? Do you think that God and True Parents have weak faith and that is why they have suffering? No, it is because they have proper faith, that is why they suffer and struggle. When we think about our own situation, when we see our struggle and suffering, we think, "Oh, I am suffering and struggling because I have weak faith, my faith is no good." You think like that about yourself but it is not true. The reason why you struggle and suffer is because you have a strong faith, that is why. If you have a weak faith you do not struggle. Do you understand the point? If you have a right and proper faith in God and then you see somebody you cannot love, your original mind pushes you. "Oh", you think, "I have to love him, I have to love him." What is the consequence? Struggle. Struggle. It is not comfortable, because you know you have to love the person who is unlovable. If you do not have the right faith, or if you do not want to forgive somebody who is stupid, you say, "Get out of here," or something. Then you feel very good and you do not suffer. Do you understand the point? Therefore, the reason why you are struggling or suffering in your heart is because you have the right faith or proper faith in God. Another reason why you are struggling is because you possess the true love. Don't you think so? Therefore, your suffering and struggle is a very precious suffering. That is why your struggle is very similar to God's suffering and True Parents suffering. Imagine the situation of God. God has to love the people who deny him. You know there are people denying God but still God has to love such people. Imagine how difficult it is.

Among the Father's words you will find this kind of content. The sun is shining always. The sun symbolizes the glory. Father said, "Do you know why the sun shines? The sun is shining because the inside of the sun is a completely chaotic mess. It is like a great furnace. This means so much struggling and suffering inside this furnace. For what purpose does God have such a struggle? For the sake of mankind! That is why when you see inside so much is going on, so much struggle and suffering, like the inside of a furnace. However, when you see the outside it shines beautifully. Therefore, the more you have such struggle and suffering inside yourself, because you are living for the sake of others, the more people can see you as a beautiful shining person. Then people see you from the spirit world point of view, like when people see with spiritual eyes. You look shining giving out light, but when you look at yourself, you feel "Oh, I am no good. I have so many problems, struggles and suffering. You feel, I am a problem member. You feel no hope. You feel like that, but you should not think about yourself that way because it is not right. Do you understand?

That is why I am saying to you, because you have right faith, strong faith, you must have a lot of struggle and suffering in your heart and, if among you there is someone who says, "Oh, I have no such suffering or struggle," this means you have not right faith. Do you understand? So. do not consider that your suffering or struggle is a sin. Do you understand? You should not try to eliminate your suffering or struggle or try to escape from it. You should welcome it and try to have more suffering and struggle. Why have such an attitude? Because, when you become the person who has a big suffering and struggle, you have more resemblance to God who has enormous suffering and struggle. That is why the more you possess such suffering and struggle the more you come closer to God. Do you understand?

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