Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leader's Meeting - January 14, 1980

Rev. Won Pil Kim

Testimonies from the Group Leaders:

Bento Leal:

Rev. Kim emphasized serving .120 houses 7 times. We remember when Father said that we should serve our homes by cleaning the bathrooms. The standard of cleanliness in the bathroom reflects so much. We would investigate and clean their bathrooms before they even knew it.

One sister who had been lecturing very much to her contacts could not get much success with such a direct method. Last week she began to do service instead of lecturing. Then, those people who were negative before began to respond and even ask her in for a cup of tea. We really recommend the secret weapon of bathroom cleaning.

Dallas Stafford:

Rev. Kim was supposed to visit us the other night, so we were in. the midst of a preparation meeting when in walked Dr. Bergman. It was a pleasant surprise. The situation in our department is that most of the members are older and very set in their ways. In order to get momentum going about Home Church, we have to change this point. In the beginning, even I couldn't, unite with the direction of Home Church. Now I've been doing it for 1 week, and I feel firmly committed to it. Just by going out and doing it, we are beginning to establish a pattern of unity and activity that we haven't had before.

Neil Shuckerow:

Dr. Bergman and Rev. Kim have been really supporting our work. My feeling about Home Church goes way back since Mr. Sudo was taking responsibility for New York. I've always felt a deep motivation to follow Father's direction.

Recently, I began to feel the situation of each member more clearly by going out in their area with them. I can now try to more deeply connect the members with the contacts in their area.

We had difficulty in the past with the spirit in our department. I feel this was because, in part, that the spirit in general of New York was not focused as a family. Now, we are really beginning to make headway.

Dr. Bergman

The Kitchen staff of the East Sun Garage and the Pioneer Furniture department both feel a lot of motivation about Home Church. We as the leaders have to help member-, to overcome their initial struggle with it. After that, it is a self propelling project and through doing it, they will experience much joy.

The members clearly need your encouragement. It is important to have a brief meeting with them before and after they go out into their areas, otherwise their is no other opportunity to offer any of their Home Church work to Abel. Brothers and sisters need this kin-d of structure to help motivate them.

Il Hwa - No report prepared.

H.S.A. (Keith Cooperrider)

We have been working in different areas and in different ways 'such as -the News World,

and doing service projects. Every few weeks we have a meeting to discuss Home Church. My personal Home Church work, has been mainly in Woodside Queens. Before this, we were working in Manhattan using an indirect method. But now, in Queens, we have been very directing our approach. We have gotten some satisfaction by using the Yankee Stadium approach book.

Culture and Information. (Farley Jones)

We have been struggling to get our Home Church work off the ground, but we have had success in meeting people outside of our areas. As a department, we meet every Thursday morning to discuss Home Church.

Mr. Ono

I have 20 members and most of them have a very heavy schedule, but if they find any free time, they go into their areas and witness. The Queens Weekly members have some good foundation-and they recently held a community meeting featuring Mr. Epps as a speaker. Rodney and Era are two members who have a very good foundation because they have been working in their area for 2 years.

(Dallas Stafford asks a question to the group)

What do you consider as a 'breakthrough'?

(Peter Cortright responds)

I feel a breakthrough in Home Church is in my heart, and in my level of desire to take responsibility for the people.

(Ron Pine responds)

From my experience in doing Home Church full time in Washington D.C., I feel that

getting a 'breakthrough' is when you get an actual response from the people in your area.

Dr. Bergman

The initial breakthrough is when the members are actually ''doing it''. This is what Satan is trying to block the most, he wants to stop the involvement of brothers and sisters from working in their areas. When everyone in your department has an area, and a roster, and are actually ringing the doorbells everyday and speaking to the people - then recording the activity in the rosters, you have made the initial breakthrough in Home Church.

Neil Shuckerow

At first, I had a lot of difficulty to communicate the importance of Home Church to my members. Over a period of time, they are screaming to get out of the door when it is time to do Home Church. In our meetings, and in our prayers I always put Home Church first. Our business mission was second. Now that they are doing Home Church, they feel more motivation for the business as well. There was one member who wanted to do Home Church full time, so I sent him to New York Church. Soon we had another level of breakthrough in the heart when we began to fell really connected to the people in our area, we were beginning to develop a parental heart for them.

Rev. Kim

From now on, each department will call on each other to give a report on your activities for the past week in your Home Church areas. Then the other groups can ask questions. IE as a group should reach a conclusion regarding the situation of that department. Until now, the other departments do not seem interested to hear even a good testimony. To give a difficult report with an honest heart is a step toward success. If there is a department that gives a difficult report, ask them why it was so difficult. Unless we can solve the problems, Home Church will be difficult to do. The other leaders will be able to help you solve your problems.

Rev. Kim has been trying to indirectly help you by talking to your members 3 times a week at his internal guidance meetings. He wants to help your members to support you. If you lose your members, they will accuse you in the spirit world. We have to cooperate, or else who can be able to care for them?

If your members cannot go to Belvedere, they should at least attend the Sunday service here at the WMC at 11 am. But our concept of bringing guests here will not always be the best method. You will gain the most recognition by your guests by serving them in your areas. If you had been doing this for 2 years, now would be a much easier time for you. It is still not too late. Because we are in a flurry to gain center members, we are not doing enough service.

In England, there were European members who were told by Father that they could return to their homes after they double their membership. When they began to do Home Church, they found that it was difficult to find young people at home during the daytime, and they often found that no one was home. Some of the leaders became impatient with the method of door to door witnessing because of this. Some of the leaders, on the other hand were determined to follow Father's direction no matter how long it took to gain members. As it turned out, those members who only did street witnessing could not get the result, and those who followed Father's direction could. (Father said 2/3 of time to spend in homes, and 1/3 could be spent on the street). Father also said, if you want to reach young people you must serve the older ones first. You should try to find 120 houses to serve 7 times. If this doesn't lead you to good results, contact Rev. Kim and he will take responsibility for this. Some people have many names on their rosters, but haven't visited or served them for a long time. There is no deep relationship with this kind of contact.

If you have enough foundation of service, there is nothing that your guests can say bad about you. If you don't have time at all, serve at least 1 home.

Mr. Salonen

All IOWC members are joining New York Church. We are in a position to pay indemnity by sacrificing our lives, and to make unity by giving up our own concepts and ideas. A list of the activities of all of the 12 New York Churches will be made available to you very soon.

To purify the quality of our parental love, we must raise spiritual children first, then we are qualified to have physical children, The purpose of service is to open the hearts of the people, and to raise them up to be our spiritual responsibility as their parents.

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