Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leader's Meeting - January 7, 1980

Rev. Won Pil Kim

Report on Father's State leader's conference:

Father gave the basic 'qualities of a good leader:

1. The leader should live more humble than the members (eat, sleep less, and work harder.)

2. Not striving, for recognition by this world, but lives for Heavenly Recognition.

3. Learns to fight with a righteous heart (e.g. Tiger Pak)

4. Stands on the forefront of his members, living under the same circumstances, and setting a standard for them.

5. Is able to lecture the Divine Principle.

6. Is able to get an actual result.

7. Treats himself like a sinner.

8. Longs to be with his members.

In 1980, the standard of leadership will be most important for victory. Always pray for Father and long for Father. Our relationship with Father is reflected in our relationship with our members.

If we can "take it" when we are scolded, it. will indemnify the mistake, as well as the mistakes of our members. Father's scolding automatically contains forgiveness.

The 3 judgements in Spirit World are:

1. How we have dealt with material.

2. How we have dealt with people.

3. How we have dealt with love.

If we are a 100% object to God, then we can be a 100% subject to man.

Rev. Kim

I want to make a daily schedule from now on to visit the dept. of New York. To just look at the Home Church rosters is not enough. All members should be using the-in by now. Rev, Kim, therefore wants to, begin working directly with you.

You have 2 responsibilities, but Home Church is your main mission and you must feel this in your heart. Home Church is where we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven, without it- there is no base for you in the Kingdom of Heaven. The door of the Kingdom of Heaven is Home Church, following Father's course exactly. Our World wide responsibility is reduced by Father to 360 Homes. By getting victory in your Home Church area, you are making, a world wide level condition, and you can be the victorious Abel on- the 'world wide level. In order to inherit Father's victory, we all must do our 5% portion of responsibility.

What we have been calling, Home Church so far, is not Home Church in reality. Our Home Church home work, therefore is to find 120 homes where we can serve at least 7 times in this year of 1980. Even though you may only serve 3 times you will be able to develop a deep enough relationship to invite them to some program, or family meeting.

If Father is giving us the strong direction, and we refuse to follow because of this it will not be wrong. But Father's direction is right, it comes from God, and still we are not doing it. This is wrong. If the leaders do not attend to Home Church as their Central mission, they will have many problems with their members. If you have problem members in your mission, you must realize that it is because you have not been fulfilling your own mission as leader. Father said, when your spirit is down, by serving others, you can raise your spirit. By witnessing, you will gain a high spirit. Why? It is because love and joy do not come directly from God to, us. It comes through. others. That is why you feel joy when you serve others. Joy is coming from God to you through the person you are serving. if there is someone who is spiritually down, educate him to find a way to be of service to others.

When I visit your department, please explain any difficulties to me so that I can give you advice. The purpose of this meeting here is to exchange ideas and learn new ideas from other leaders.

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