Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leaders' Meeting - November 11, 1979

Rev. Won Pil Kim

Report on Leader's Conference of 11/11/79:

Father began the conference by instructing Col. Pak to relate the events surrounding the birth of Father's eleventh child Heung-Jin. The birth of this child at such an important and serious time. In the providence of God indicates that ''All goes well'', with the ''March of Fulfillment''. Father's 60th birthday will be celebrated here in America, and it was a surprise to the Korean Family who were expecting him to stay in Korea on his birthday. Then several leaders from the various states gave their reports.

Patrick Hickey, state leader of the Chicago area described how his members erected a 30 foot banner saying hello to the pope from the Unification Church members, it did make it on one of the UPI wires.

Aidan Barry reported that there were 4 major points that he found that make the difference in our results doing Home Church

l) How much the leader can take responsibility for his members.

2) The personality and experience of our members in dealing with realistic situations.

3) Capability of our members to obey Father's direction.

4) Capability of our members to teach the D.P.

Michael Beard from Colorado reports that the community action groups sponsored by the U.C. in Denver area are now eligible to receive City Wide funding.

C.A.R.P. leaders reported to Father that this past 50 day condition was a difficult one, and truly a test for the leadership to deal with the 180 new members who were gained in the previous condition.

Jim Gavin of Washington P.R. reported about the "Committee to defend the lst Amendment". Standing on the vanguard of Religious Freedom, the issue is brainwashing.

Culture and Information releasing positive press articles, and the Eldridge Cleaver tape will be loaned out to the membership to view.

Dr. Bergman reported to Father about the usage of the new roster system here and Rev. Kim's attempt the educate the New York area about the proper attitude we should have about our Home Church work.

Rev. Lee described about the Community Front Line project and it's relationship with the Home Church work to The News World.

Mr. Kamiyama explained about the M.F.T. and how much physical abuse our members are withstanding everyday. There were several cases where it was a miracle that our member could survive after a severe attack. He encouraged all of the members to really support the M.F.T. in our prayers. Then Father began to explain about the world wide economic foundation that he wants to lay, involving an international network of cooperation among the countries. Father is weaving, a fabric and the form will soon be clear. Years ago the members really struggled to understand Father's plans, but now we can begin to understand that very soon it will be a reality. Father is now looking for those members who can take responsibility for his vision. The main principle is harmony between the nation.

We are now getting a positive response from the major Universities where our members are doing their graduate study. Father wants 150 Ph.D.'s, 3 in each state - 1 economic, l political, and 1 theological. Everything is being prepared for the day when it can all be united together. The spirit of patriotism. is on the decline. Between the years of 1980 to 1987 we must follow Father's 21 year course and this will be the first 7 year course for us. This will enable us to be the Central Figures in God's dispensation. By 1987, we must return America to God's Providence. This means that we must think because we will be the future leaders in the providence of God.

Even we are persecuted, don't be persecuted by a little person, "If you are going to get knocked out, get knocked out by the Champ." This means that we must always feel a unified family spirit. The state leaders should welcome the M.F.T. and the C.A.R.P. teams when they come to their house to stay, and even the center members, can volunteer to raise funds to give the teams visiting better food and clothing. God is looking for this kind of attitude in leadership. This will be the 2nd fifty days, and the last 50 days will begin from God's Day until True Parents Birthday. By this day, Feb. 21, 1980, we must double our membership.

Communists see Father as their worst enemy, so the C.A.R.P. movement must be very strong and not be intimidated. They must stand up righteously to the adversary., and always follow the principle.

Father's presence in Korea inspired many top leaders. We are. so fortunate to be able to attend meetings with Father. Don't say Unification Center -- it is Unification Church. There should always be a Sunday service in each of the centers.

Rev. Kim

We can remember last February, the East Coast area cities were not doing very well, so Father organized a ''B'' church system in 5 of the states. He then put the Japanese leaders there and assigned to each of them 12 members. After 8 months, Father asked them for report. The number of the members had actually been reduced, instead of increased. Now Father has assigned, them all to C.A.R.P. and Tiger Pak will give them all training. The five churches will automatically go under his direction. There will be another change in leadership after this next 50 day condition is completed. Father has given all of the leaders enough time to develop. When we hear Father's direction we must listen with the deepest heart, in order to receive it all.

Father then explained Jesus' situation when the Israelites wouldn't follow him. We must understand how tragic he felt when he had to give them up. We must also understand the heart of Heavenly Father when he had to give up Christianity and choose the Unification Church. God had invested 2,000 years of blood, sweat and tears but He had to give it all up at the last moment. When we are following Father, we must fulfill or we face the same kind of situation. Heavenly Father cannot give up, because we are His children. Because of this, we must not betray Father's trust. Every Sunday morning Father uses many titles, "Ideal Home", "Don't Be Discouraged," etc.; all of which are centering on the idea of Home Church. We have to really apply Father's word in our Home Church area. Rev. Kim must report to Father about how he counsels us and guides us. Father tells Rev. Kim that it is not enough just to give counseling -- he must go into the area and really find out how we are doing. Father also emphasizes how we teach and really use the Divine Principle. Some members are teaching the Divine Principle like it is someone else's story, no input of their own. Teaching Divine Principle should really help us grow, but instead we are so tired.

If we are teaching and witnessing about the Principle, it must be like the story of our life, like a real testimony for the people. If you are teaching like this, then the guests cannot understand it. If we teach them Divine Principle, and they cannot accept it or they don't understand it, we must really search out the reason why. You must really dedicate yourself to the task of helping them understand. If you do this, spirit world will be very active and can assist you.

When Father started tuna fishing, he lost the fish 17 times. whenever he lost the fish he would ask himself the reason why. He continued 21 days, and on the 22nd day he caught a huge tuna. Since that time, Father was inspired in many ways about catching the tuna. If you are really serious -- life or death -- then God can really help us. But when we loose this spirit, we lose the support from the spiritual world, and we have to make an indemnity offering in order to regain it. For this reason, stay desperate and serious. The conclusion is, whatever we are doing, be constantly dedicated and concerned. But how can we constantly be serious?

When Father was carrying the one crippled man on his back, he had to cross the sea to the island, 4 kilometers away. You might think what a hopeless situation this was, how could Father possibly have the strength to carry the man so far? Father was not thinking hopelessly. His very thought was that if he could not carry the man, then God's Will could not be fulfilled, in this way he thought that he had no choice but to fulfill it. With this kind of seriousness, the whole power of the universe was with him. If we think this way, that unless we save this country then God's Will cannot be fulfilled, then we can gain that much spiritual support.

Father actually wanted to give us many directions, but he could not give them to us because our result was not good. So he just gave us this one direction, double our membership by God' s Day. All of the Abel figures received this message and relayed it to their members. How can we fulfill such a message? We must concentrate all of our efforts on this one point, and center all of our programs on this one goal. If we really concentrate our working time we can find the time to go to our areas. We can get 5 hours work done in one hour if we just concentrate. Even in just this one hour you can find a prepared person. Then we must really educate all of our Home members. We must meet there everyday and further their education. If we are really visiting our area often, then we can meet them often. But we must carry a nigh spirit into our area, then we can meet the prepared people.

There was one member who really received persecution, and then he did not return to that place because of the persecution. He didn't come back there so he didn't realize that the one who, gave him the persecution had since regretted his action and was waiting for the member to return so he could apologize. If we visit our homes many times, then God will work because we are fulfilling our portion of responsibility.

From now on, I want to visit you more often, and you also must make a point of visiting and talking with each one of your members. Your members, in turn must really try to visit their 360 homes as often as possible. Since the beginning of the year, the part time witnessers have had very little success in bringing workshop guests.

In order to restore a center member, we must teach Divine Principle. We must always be concerned about the workshop, and how to make new center members. Why must we serve our guest so much? It is because they will learn how to serve each other by learning from our example. They will want to become like us, and they will want to serve God as we do. Our purpose and direction should be very clear. All of our meetings should be designed to lead people to workshop. All of our workshops are designed to bring the guest to the following workshop. The workshops will be able to lead them to become members. Each step is connected to the next step. There should be a consistent plan scheduled on how to develop to the next step. The spirit world will pull us and help us.

If a witnesser has made a big mistake in his life of faith, his spiritual child could possibly end up in a more blessed position in his life. It all depends on the hard work of the spiritual child, but he may be in the position to intercede for his spiritual parent, and he may be able to ask God to bestow the blessing upon his spiritual parent. God is the Father of love, so He will listen to the petition of His children. So actually, by serving someone, we are eventually serving ourselves. We can find many examples of this in our world.

You can imagine, for example, a prince who has lost his kingdom. Say that there was somebody who had really saved his life and really helped him during this desperate time, without knowing that this man was a prince. As time went by, the man eventually became, a criminal, but the lost prince was eventually restored to his true position as prince. The criminal was about to be executed for a serious crime, when the prince recognized him and began to beg his pardon from the King. The king granted the request of his, and the life of the criminal was spared.

If we can go into our area and restore many people who were spiritually dead, someday all our labor will be returned to us in some important way.

When we have no time to witness in our Home Church Areas, it is possible for us to go anywhere and witness anytime. You may even meet a relative of someone in your area, there on the street. There is no limit to time and space in regards to witnessing. Isn't it possible to witness in the police station? Speak with Senators and big people. We always witness to the inferior people, but in this way, spirit world is not mobilized and Heavenly Father cannot help us. If we try to reach higher people than ourselves the spirit world will begin to work. In this way we must learn to overcome our limitations. Don't be afraid to go over your limits and you will receive the spiritual help that you need. Success comes from this, overcoming your limitations and mobilizing the spirit world. Keep in mind that we must double our membership and I'm sure that we can make it.

From God's day to True Parent's birthday. What can we give to them for their birthday. We want to give them an offering that they would like most. They would like most what Heavenly Father likes most. This is to restore Heavenly Father's lost children.

So far I was not reporting to Father about the New York area results, but from now on I must report them every week, I must tell you these things so that you can be stimulated. If there is no results, it means that I have not given you enough guidance.

Rev. Kim has spoken with several state leaders since the conference and he realizes that you must really be concerned and dedicated to take care of your members. If someone is not attending the meetings, be concerned about him. Become a good listener. Keep in mind that from now on I will begin to report everything to Father.

The next department meeting I want to hear testimonies, inspiring testimonies about your work. Inform Dr. Bergman the day before, or the morning before this meeting. If you are having difficulties, you can come directly to this office. Every night at 9:00 there will be a prayer meeting for the members, anyone can come. Problem members did not start out as problem members, everyone-has problems. Before they get very bad they should be dealt with. Rev. Kim wants to personally guide and help the members. He will listen also not only talk. These meetings will begin from tomorrow on.

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