Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leaders' Meeting - November 5, 1979

Rev. Won Pil Kim

Dr, Bergman:

Last conference, Sept, 18th, Father initiated another 50-day condition that would end on Nov, 10th; This week is the final period of this condition, The central goal of the condition was to double our membership, All around the country our members pledged this goal to Father.

Especially at this meeting we should reflect on the last 45 days, We should begin to think about the 3rd 50 day condition, which will bring us to the end of 1979, We should move into the third 50 day condition with determination.

According to Rev. Kim's direction, we have been visiting all the departments to explain the Home Church rosters. Rev, Kim personally invested himself in this manner. Between now and the 10th of November, we should have seen all of you. We can make the completion of this project our offering during the last days of this condition.

Rev. Kim:

You are working so hard to accomplish both of your missions, As a leader, even though you understand this very well, it is not so easy to give the correct explanation to your members, We heard the providential significance of Home Church explained to us so many times from Father. Nevertheless, there are many points that we still don't understand. We, as the leaders, must try to think from the viewpoint of the members, to understand their situation.

It is the reality that we can understand "l" when our Father is speaking "10''. If we have such a limited understanding, then when we speak to the members, no matter how many times, we still must explain to them over and over. So we must speak "30", in order for them to understand. If they can understand it, it is worth it in the end, however. Father shed 10 tears to every one tear of ours. It is a big mistake to pretend that you understand, when in reality you do not. Rev. Kim spoke to you so many times here, but if he thinks that you understand, it is a big mistake. Even though you may say that you understand, he feels that he must still speak more. Understanding it only in your head is not enough, please show me that you understand through your actions.

For example, if you have no time because you mission is so important and it's impossible, then you still don't understand the significance. Father, knowing all of your situations, is still asking you to do Home Church, Father never misses anything, even though he himself has so much responsibility.

Your own Central Figure is carrying the directions given to him by Father. If you think of how many leaders Father must take care of, you can well understand why he must hear reports and give directions even while he is eating his meals. Sometimes Father must sit in the same place from. morning to night, hearing reports.

Now put your hands over your heart and say that you have no time. To utter these things will bring you judgement from. Heaven. Your members know if you have time or not they will tell the true situation to Rev. Kim if he asks them, You must be honest and humble to your own conscience. It is alright to keep doing all of these things, but what will remain in your heart is what you understand.

It is your responsibility to convey all that we discuss here to your members. If you cannot do this, don't come, If Rev. Kim cannot expect this from you, he will speak to them directly. He is now speaking to them, through you, as their representative.

As Dr. Bergman mentioned, we have 5 more days to complete this 50 day course, You understood Father when we began this campaign, We pledged to double our membership, We must think now that we will work until the end of this period in order to fulfill this promise. If you take this promise so seriously, your members will treat the promises they make to you with the same respect. Your family and your children will also deal with you in the same way. It is because you treated True Parents the same way. Is Satan sleeping? Is spirit world resting? Satan is watching us, ready to invade us if we make even a small mistake. You understand this principle very well already. Make a deeper commitment to accomplish from now on. We must recognize the significance once more if we have forgotten it already, Meet together with your members, and really repent. We want to summarize the past activities since Rev. Kim and Dr. Bergman were assigned here. Then we can begin to give new direction.

You have been working so hard and trying your best, so now Rev. Kim would like to summarize to you the work he has been doing since Sept. 18th. To understand how you were doing your mission, Rev. Kim and Dr. Bergman visited all of your departments within 3 days. At that time they heard the reports of your Home Church work up until that time. Then Rev. Kim began to talk about the Home Church, recognizing that you were not yet aware of the significance of the Home' Church rosters. Then he thought he would have to explain center member, home member, workshop, etc., many points. Then he found that because of many reasons, New York Church was almost completely paralyzed, To gather many guests to the World of Hope festival every week made it difficult to spend time doing Home Church work.

He heard from England many reports about American situation, especially the situation here in New York. The reports were that here in New York there was so much opposition and persecution for our Home Church work, The big question to get success in New York, therefore, was how to overcome this opposition. Upon speaking to the members, he found that actually this report does not represent the reality. I now have hope that by obedience to Father it will be possible to fulfill the Home Church providence here in New York, I also heard that here in America there are so many junk members. We were told that they were bad because they were former drug addicts, and lived a terrible life before. Of course I couldn't believe such a story, it had no foundation, I had hope that they were not junk members , since they had attended a workshop and had determined to cut from their past. It requires courage to do this, so they couldn't be all that bad. So recently I proposed to you that if you had any members that you could not care for, because they were so bad, to let me care for them. I thought that if we here could take care of the worst members, then it would be possible to care for the others who are not as bad. We did our best to care for them, although from God's viewpoint it was far from ideal. They wrote their reflections, if you can take time to read them, you can understand what happened internally while they were here.

Now I am beginning to have hope for the activity here in New York. By Nov. 10th we want to finish all of the guidance for the rosters, (it is coincidentally the same day as we finish the present 50 day course.) All of the departments who couldn't finish their rosters by that time must come here and finish them, all night if necessary. Dr. Berman is arranging the schedule for those with whom we haven't visited yet. By bringing members here, they can get clear explanation.

How to pick 360 homes

Some members, picked up 360 homes sporadically, If your members have done this, it is because they do not understand the meaning of the 360 Home providence. You must get the exact area of your 360 homes. Also some members who were working, in pairs were witnessing to 720 homes, There was never any direction given by Father about such a case. Each person should have an exact area of 360 homes, as individuals, in one specific location, If you are working in pairs, your areas must be separate, although you may still help each other, bear in mind that your areas and responsibilities are separate. It is good to cooperate with each other, but you will not combine your areas into 720. You must make a clear division in your areas if you have been doing it this way so far. You must again choose your area if you have only been doing it sporadically, It should be all in one specific area. You may still keep a separate record of all of your contacts in these areas, outside of your 360 home boundary.

360 symbolizes history and of the world. By restoring 360 homes, you will inherit Father's worldwide victory. The ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven will be fulfilled here. Your 360 homes will become like Canaan. To restore these 360 homes is like restoring the world. Which is easiest 360, 3,600, or 36,000? It would be impossible to restore 36,000 homes even if you worked your whole lifetime.

360 or 36,000, it all represents the world. Father's desire is for us to restore the 360 homes, to symbolize the restoration of the world. Your 360 homes must be exact, it is conditional. If you are still unclear, re-read Father's messages or please ask.

There are still some departments who did not submit a weekly report. If you miss reporting for 3 consecutive times, you will not be allowed here at this meeting.

When Rev, Kim. comes to visit you, please don't say that you haven't done your roster yet, or that your area is still unclear, We must have all these things straitened out by Nov, 10th.

It is very important to take good care of your members. Here in the Home Church. office, we gathered together all those who you couldn't take care. It was your responsibility to care for them, but we did it instead of you. Was there no response, no change in them? If you can't take care of them, in the same way that we did here, they will have the same trouble again. The Home Church rosters will help you to take care of your members very well. So you must care for their problems as if they were your own. Actually if they have a problem it is because you have a problem. God sent his children to the Unification Church so we must take care of them.

If you have not submitted any report, you should come to Dr, Berman and apologize for not handing a report in. It is better than not reporting at all. If you cannot do this, I will not talk to you anymore and I will speak directly with your members, because they are still my responsibility. You must all work much harder. If a person is responsible for 100 members, and cannot take care of them it is inevitable that he will have to carry the indemnity of those 100 people. In the same way God will be so strict with me if I fail to take care of you. I must talk this way, so harshly, so that we can prepare ourselves, through unity, for the upcoming 50 day condition. On Nov. 12th, next week, we will hold a special meeting here. The purpose will be to reflect on the past 50 days and to begin the next 50 days. Any suggestions for the Sunday service program, will be greatly appreciated,

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