Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leaders' Meeting - October 1, 1979

Rev. Won Pil Kim

Last week we discussed the full and part time witnessing schedule. We talked about how to fulfill this responsibility, Sunday, I spoke about our mission, as well as our witnessing responsibility and the relationship between the two. They have a close relationship, like physical body and spirit mind, one cannot exist properly without the other. If I would have to repeat these contents, it would be a bore for those who were already there last Sunday, so I won't repeat. If you weren't there, please read the notes of someone who was there. You must use that information to educate your members.

Dr. Bergman and myself will try to visit you after this meeting tonight, dept. by dept. If your members don't understand those contents by that time, you must take responsibility. This goes for what is happening at these meetings here also, You should give clear direction in your dept. meetings. I already explained to you how you can fulfill both responsibilities. You should intensely and completely finish your mission responsibilities in as short as time as possible, then you can make time for witnessing. Then I visited the dept.'s, the Home Church rosters were not filled in well, According, to your result in your rosters, there is very little Home Church activity. If you record all activity in your rosters, the result will come. What is the function of the rosters? Your results are not clear, I pushed you to get clear statistics, but they are not yet clear, Are you really recording actual numbers or are they just numbers without any real meaning? Where have you been getting the numbers that you are using?

The dept, leaders and the campaign officers must sign the reports, and all reports should be correct. So far, you have been marking in the hours that you spend witnessing. This is not very accurate because it includes traveling time, eating time, etc. In the new forms, we will emphasize how many actual homes were visited, instead of just the time you were out. After you leave your area, another person should inherit it. The members who couldn't stay in their areas should pass on their rosters to the following person with exactly the same heartistic foundation. Your 360 home area represents our own eternal foundation, so we must determine that it will be fulfilled, even if the mission must be passed down through several people.

Fundamentally, we shouldn't move from the area. The area represents the life of Jesus, He had to find his 12 and 72 disciples. In the beginning, it starts slow. It will begin to multiply in time. People know what you are, yet they still accept you and what you are doing, they are friendly and receptive to you. They can be included in your discipleship of 72. These people who you include in your 72 can develop into your group of 12 A's they begin to support you more. Then again the ones who are really supportive might get more cool in their support for you and you will move them back into the 72 category.

When we visit our areas, we are representing H.F. and True Parents, You are representing the Messiah, the Abel figure to them. Our areas are dominated by Satan. We are in the second (younger) brother's position and we must be serving the area in order to inherit the birthright. Not by power, but by unconditional love.

When we visit them and they don't receive us, it is restoring, the same course as Jesus had 2,000 years ago. Father was not, received either at first. If they can eventually accept us as Moonies, they are setting a condition to be restored. It was the same for those in Jesus' time, if they could have supported him, they would have been saved. The point is, how much can you help them to grow in their support for you as a member of the U.C.? If they accept us, they are setting an important condition to receive salvation. Then they can become resurrected. Because we lost faith and truth and love, all of these must be restored. They will begin to be reborn through stages, we must know the steps how to save them. If they can reach a set standard, they can become a devoted full time member and be considered "reborn". It is actually very exciting to watch them progress through the stages of rebirth. A condition of 21 days workshop completion is necessary to be a center member. The 7 days workshop is a period of growth stage resurrection, 2 days workshop is formation stage of resurrection. The 21 days workshop is therefore the perfection stage of resurrection. Before the 2 days, our guests are in the preparation period for the formation stage of resurrection.

They have not had any condition of receiving the "Word" and it is only by the Word that we can be truly resurrected, The World of Hope Festival and Family meetings are all preparation stage activities, The Home Church roster clearly shows the stage of resurrection. Then to accomplish it in reality, you must visit them many times, You must not just talk, find a way to serve them. You should check the house, asking to use the restroom, asking for a glass of water, then you can see how this family is living, and how you can serve them. What did the Israelites, do before they went into Canaan? They surveyed (spied) the area first. They didn't just go into their area announcing themselves as the Chosen People. You must say to your area, "I am your servant, please let me help you." By checking their situation you can see every thing. If they are served, they will want to return the service, Say "I want to help you more, please give me more to do for you. The more service that you give the more intimate will be your friendship, By working and serving them, you can begin to ask them many questions, When the time is right you can invite them to a family dinner, or to the World of Hope Festival.

Because you helped them so much, they cannot reject you. Through this method you can eventually bring them to workshop, Service should be for a specific purpose, to save them. To save them, therefore you will eventually teach them, the Divine Principle. Plant your heart and love so deeply that they will be unable to cut the relationship, if you still cannot directly teach them Divine Principle, you can continue to serve them. Try doing little things like giving massages to the older men or women. They will really look forward to your visiting, then, if you give them a back rub each time. All of your sweat and tears will be recorded here. It's like a bicycle, you have to keep it going forward by pedaling the pedals faster and faster. If you slow down, or stop pedaling, the bicycle will eventually stop and fall over.

If our members visit once, then don't visit them again, the guest is still under Satan's dominion. It will develop very quickly once you can get many contacts and visit them very often. Your member's guest list will grow day by day and you will see their enthusiasm growing too, We have to keep this record very clear for the next member who will exactly inherit your foundation.

Centering on this roster, the 360 Homes tradition will develop. Eventually all your contacts can become subscribers of the News World. If we want to do business in our area, we need exact records of our contacts to assure how much business we can do. It won't work to sell the News World without a good foundation first. The News World members should be really studying how to set up a home church foundation.

In order to claim any kind of success in your area you need a record of your people in your roster. Without this, you have no proof. According to this record you can also judge the situation of the member's spirit. Say example there is one member who has been working in his area long time, and you only see that he has 5 names in his roster. You must check the situation of this member to see if he is getting a lot of persecution, or maybe this member is having a lot of his own spiritual struggles. Sometimes a member visits and serves his guests a lot, but has no result. You must find out why. Until now you only took care of your members when they came to you with their problems. Actually they are struggling even before they think about coming to you. A sickness has to develop over a few days, not immediately. It is best if you can check the rosters everyday. A doctor uses this method to keep clear track of the health of his patients. He can't give medicine directly to them without checking them over first, and then after his diagnosis he can prescribe a medicine. No matter what kind of doctor he is, or however famous, he must always ask questions. It is the same way with us, we must handle the situation with our members in such a clear way.

Mr. Seino of the Boston "B" Church came to Rev. Kim for advice, he brought the roster with him. Rev. Kim could see the spiritual state of his members clearly, only by looking at their rosters. He could also tell Mr. Seino of the kind of troubles that Mr. Seino himself is having. If you want to clearly understand the situation of your member, bring their rosters to Rev. Kim and he can explain everything to you.

We must teach the members themselves how to be interested in their roster. The purpose of the roster is not to check the problems of your members, but it will give you clear indication as to how to give the right kind of counsel to them.

It will begin to clear up the qualifications for the membership and home church. There are center member, A, B and C type home members as well as home churches, depending on the level of their education. A person who is very receptive to you as the member of Unification Church can be considered as a 'C' type home church. They are not 'C' type home member until they have passed through the 2-day workshop, however. After 21-day workshop they are considered as 'A' type home members, center member if they can live in the center. 'B' type membership is depending on the 7-day workshop completion. Of course if somebody wants to dedicate and live in the center as full time member it is acceptable, but they can't be considered as center member until they complete 21-day workshop. (New members who are living in the center after 2-day or 7-day workshop until now can be considered as center member, but eventually they all must go through 21-day workshop.) Then after 6 month of membership, they will be able to attend the 40 day training session, in this way they will be qualified to do active Home Church work. This all involves changing of our previous definitions, so we can discuss this all more clearly on an individual level.

We can organize groups smaller than this one, under one main leader. This main leader will be responsible to see that his members, are all reporting and attending this meeting each week. It will be his responsibility if reports are missing from one of his groups. The job of the individual member is to keep a clear record of his Home Church work everyday with his roster. The reports will all go to Father. Always learn from other dept. and help each other to get success.

Your members will surely respect you if you are taking care of them. Rev. Kim feels responsible to take care of all of you, also, the new roster form, will be sold, 1 cent each, the new report forms will be sold, for 5 cents each. Because the office has no budget to get them printed, we must ask you to help pay for them.

This week there are many changes in New York Church. All of their members will be sent out to Home Church witnessing. So far, over a hundred members were in New York Church, but only 25 of them were really actively witnessing. Even though your other dept.s are not witnessing full time, we can make a good result with 750 members in this area. He will be able to make a good report to Father, and the other countries, Our Home Church area will be the only way that we could ever achieve one million membership.

If you cannot come here with new hope, and attitude of determination, then you don't have to come. If you are getting an excellent result, you don't have to come here either. Rev. Kim will trust you to use the time for the Home Church work. This is not just a superficial gathering. We must come here with a serious attitude, and we must communicate and inspire one another. Rev. Kim is thinking how we can make this meeting more meaningful. Dr. Bergman will be in frequent communication with your dept., so if you are representing a successful group of people, it is best to use the time here for another purpose if it would help your result.

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