Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leaders' Meeting - October 15,1979

Rev. Won Pil Kim
New York Area Leaders Testimonies:

Kurt Johnson, Interfaith Dept.

Explained the Community Service Projects of his Interfaith group (food distribution, unemployment services, and paralegal services.) These projects have been very successful for the minority groups, but the white churches and community leaders have been very difficult to reach. His opinion is that our general attitude should be to serve the community, rather than to try to begin prosteletyzing, right away. Suggests a service network.

Richard Wojcek, I.C.F.

Richard has been working in his area since the home church project began two and a half years ago. He began working in the area by developing the News World. He eventually became the super in his building, a job that requires very little time and guarantees his room and board. He finds it an excel-lent way to really influence the area, and he receives the financial support needed to live in his area. It would be best, he states, to be able to own property in our areas, but further research on the legal implications would be necessary. Richard Cohen of RTCJINLIC is also the super in his building and is paid $110.00 a month as well as the room free.

Monique Rabat, NH Singers (Most successful in her group)

She began to work in her area by circling the area and praying to God for the people in her area. Then she made it a point to visit all of her residents 9 times. She restored her first A type home church by studying Father's instructions to the British Family and used it as a pattern for her work. She has 3 strong disciples now in her area who could understand and accept D.P. She tells her residents that they will see her every day, and she does babysitting and other services for them as her offering. She always offers to serve them.

Berti Bacon, Queens Church

Berti is now in charge of raising up the home members in her group. She gives internal guidance to them and instruction on how to set conditions. She teaches them about Cain and Able relationships and the emphasis is always to apply the Divine Principle in their homes. The dedicated home members can relate to the newer ones and guests very well. Home members go through many of the same struggles in faith as do many center members. She believes that home members need constant parental care in order to develop spiritually. She feels so much joy from her work.

Rev. Kim

If you do not ask questions it is because you have not yet done anything. You must do something first before you will encounter questions. No one else could do better than the people who have just given their testimonies, so I cannot speak of higher points until you have at least reached their level. A first grader could not be able to comprehend the same level as a 3rd grader. You have to learn from these ones who could give testimonies, they are like 3rd graders and you are like the first grade students. You must hurry to reach this level or we may have to divide the meeting in half, would you like that? For the next meeting, I don't want to ask those who are doing well to give their testimonies. I will ask if there are any dept.'s who tried their best but couldn't get any results. They will ask those who have given their testimonies, and may be able to come up with a reasonable solution. Those dept. who say they have no time must come to this meeting and present their problems and they may get some good advice form those who had a similar difficulty.

You should even call each other to get advice, then if you have some problem you can call Rev. Kim or Dr. Bergman to get advice. This is your own responsibility. H.Q. Dept. must set the standard to educate all other 50 states. You have no exemption so you must do your Home Church activity .

To the leaders Rev. Kim is very harsh so that he can be soft to the members. Actually, it is easier to push the members and be soft on the leaders, but Rev. Kim will not do it this way, he must be strict. Why is a leader necessary? Because members have problems that must be dealt with. If the members were doing very well, leaders would not be necessary. Sick people need doctors, so, you must take care of them. You must be a parent to them, not just push them out all the time. If a leader cannot take care of his members he can kill them spiritually. If a leader is bad, then we have to move him a.s.a.p. otherwise both may not live.

Members are like part of your body. If the members have problems, you must feel their problems as if they were yours. If you do not care for them, then you are not their leader. When Jesus lost even 1 sheep he felt so painful heart. This 1 sheep out of a flock of 100 was like a part of him, so he felt such a painful heart.

You don't feel any pain to give a pinch to others, but the other person certainly does feel pain. If you don't feel anything from your members, they can't feel anything from you. If you are unable to feel their suffering, you are not a leader to your members. But, if a leader really takes care of them, they will always support him.

You must find out those who are doing well also, and talk with them. Father learns from us too, you know. He did not receive all the answers from Heavenly Father. He learned from creation and from you.

When you really offer to him something and bow very deeply, some times he cannot take it. When we fast or sell our blood to be able to purchase something for him, he feels the heart of that person is higher than his own and it is a difficult thing for him to receive. A higher magnet will draw the energy away from the weaker ones. If among your members, there is someone who is serving you with a bigger standard of heart than your own, all of your blessing will be given to that person. You should have such a serving attitude to them, and never ask them to serve you. Do you realize what happens after you scold someone, then you go to sleep that night? that person must pray and repent with tears, but you are asleep. Who, will receive God's blessing at that time? You must really learn to guide your members with a deep heart, instead of scolding them all the time.

It is much better to keep your mouth shut than to scold. If you cannot guide a member with this attitude, you should ask one of your other members who has a deeper heart than your own at that time, and ask him or her to explain everything to the member who is having difficulty. Even a leader cannot tell a member everything himself.

When we visit our 360 home area, Father has sent us there as the Messiah to that area. Heavenly Father asks True, Father and Father in turn must rely on us to represent him in our areas. We therefore, have full responsibility to save those people. To save the people means that we must make them our spiritual children. They don't understand what a "parent" is because they don't know True Parents are the parents to all mankind. In this world they relate to Satan as their parent. Satan doesn't want to give his children away, and sometimes he works through them to persecute us. How can we take them from Satan? We must apply true personality and heart ... by the fall of man we have lost these true feelings. They only understand satanic truth, personality and heart. The heartistic part is most important. Love is the source of everything; life, ideals, hope etc. Even to those who belong to Satan, love is the source of life. How can we separate them from Satan?

You must bring a deeper love to them than Satan's. Say for instance, that there is among your 360 homes area a good family, and you are interested in saving the children of the family. You must really love that child more than his own parents... then that child will be your child.

What is Satanic love? Satan cannot sacrifice himself. Satan is the fallen archangel. Why did he fall? He centered only on his love, not God's. If you love God, then you must love sacrificially. Jesus prayed at the mount of Gethsemane, "Thy will be done, not mine but thine." Archangel love is selfish, not at all sacrificial. The love the parents are giving to their children is usually not a sacrificial love, or an unselfish love. If you can give them unselfish love, they will be so drawn to you. If you pour out this love, Satan cannot disturb your 360 home area. If you are really sacrificing yourself to restore someone, Satan will try to stop you, but Satan cannot love unselfishly and sacrifice to bring that person back. It is only by sacrificial love can we bring this person to God. So Father is telling us to serve, then we can plant our heart in that area. If we are really serving and sacrificing ourselves, we will still encounter persecution from the parents in many cases. It is only because they cannot understand our unselfish love for their children yet.

How can we distinguish True Parents from false ones? If we are shedding tears and they don't understand and do not follow us, and we therefore leave that area, then we are not being True Parents. The people in your area are, At times, much older and experienced in life than ourselves. But you must still be parents to them. Please think of them as your own children. Even if you will be killed, you will persevere. Jesus Christ was our parent, and we are his own who crucified him. Because he still loves us, He could be our Messiah. Are Jesus and Father completely different people? From the mission viewpoint, they are the same person. The first, second and third Adam are like one person from the standpoint of God. So you must go back again even if they are persecuting you, do you understand this point?

We are not witnessing only to find workshop guests, you must always love them as your children. When they are completely restored, they are considered a "Center Member." Pray for them because they are your own children. Since Father came here to America, he has been so persecuted ... but he didn't give up, because we are his children. There is no other method than this, and to understand this will enable us to find center members. Think like this and ask those who have been successful; you will find the same heart.

At the next meeting, I will ask the part time dept.s to testify. Also those who really tried, but couldn't get any result will be asked to give testimony. The ones who could get success with a similar point will be expected to answer the difficulty of these groups. If you have not given any effort. you will neither have questions or answers to give to these people.

Mr. Kim will now clarify what is a Center Member, Home Member qualification. Until now you have considered any one who has been to workshop either a home member or center member if they graduate from 7-day. CARP members cannot be included in this way since their activity will not include Home Church work, but you can specify that are now new members who have joined the CARP activity, in your reports.

After graduating from 2 day workshop they are either a C member, or a C Home member. 7 day workshop they are either a B member, or a B Home member 21 day wkshp. they are either an A member, or an A Home member. Graduates from 21 day workshop who move into the center are then considered an A type Center Member. The others who do not move into the center for whatever various reasons, are considered A Home Members if they graduated the 21 day workshop. Eventually everyone should go to the 21 days workshop. Then they can proceed on to 40 days training, which will qualify them to do Home Church activity, and on to 120 days training, which is actually leadership training. This is Father's direction for the whole world, and He has not changed this standard. Man perfects himself by going through a growth period. It took 7 "days"' to create the world. So we need to receive 7 days of truth in order to be re-created.

There was a time when Father could only witness to elderly people. The Messiah is for all people. Old people can witness to middle aged people, who can then witness to the young people. To catch the big fish, We also will need a small fish. Save the old people and you can reach the young ones, save the young ones and you will reach the old ones. The parents will see the change in their children and will become curious. If you are looking for Center Members, begin by serving the old people. I'm sure those who can persevere in this point will eventually succeed.

If you are in front of Father, and He asks you about your new Center Members, after really working hard and trying your best without result, you can then say, "Father, it took God 6,000 years to find you." If you persevere like God, you will surely find results, and those who are prepared by God will appear. Divine Principle and good Give and Take will always work.

Even those people who are opposing us are thinking of us, understand? The negativity is only a period of testing. If we are true men and women, we will persevere and keep going. Going through the growth stage means to go through the stage of persecution. Perfection stage is not the stage of persecution, because it hasn't ever been invaded by Satan. They will eventually accept you. You must think that they will oppose you at least 3 times. Or maybe they will persecute you 7 times, or even 21 times. This is the growth period that you must go through. But you must always be confident that there will be an end to it, and you will be able to enter into the dominion of God after going through your course, however long. Jacob became a winner after 21 years of persecution. Practice this and you will defeat Satan, he knows the principle too and will use this formula, to try and defeat you. By persevering you can become the victor.

Whenever you have difficulties, call another dept. and exchange your ideas and answers. If you cannot find a solution, then you can come and talk to Rev. Kim. Mr. Kim will try to visit you all one by one. These large meetings like tonight's, should really only last about one hour. All the details can be discussed in person with Dr. Bergman or Rev. Kim. If you do your best, then we can speak of much higher things at such meetings as this one. Maybe we can invite Father to come and speak with us once we can achieve this level. Father is always encouraging and reminding us what is Home Church, because we don't know what. it even is yet.

World of Hope will be every other week, then we can expect to make it every week if we can gather enough people every week. We will need statistics about those who have come to workshop after attending W.O.H. Festival. As of now the number is not very high, maybe 15%.

You have been changing your areas too much, you shouldn't do this so much. Could Jesus change his area? You should take responsibility for the areas that you allow your members to abandon. Please inform the Home Church office of all part time situations. You may have to cut some MFT time in order to accomplish Home Church. You can do this by cutting 10% of your allotted expenditures down. You can save money this way. God can bless those who are saving money for God. You know if you are using the money the wrong way you will always have to pay indemnity. It is a good thing to save money in your center.

( taken from notes, MST.)

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