Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Leader's Meeting - October 22, 1979

Rev. Won Pil Kim

There will be two departments giving their testimony this week, they are departments who have either not had tire to witness, or did spend the time but without getting any results.

Mr. Yoshida from the East Sun Garage will give his report first.

Mr. Yoshida

Our schedule since we began the East Sun Garage 3 years ago is to wake up at a very early time and work all day and return home at night very late. Most recently our schedule has been to leave very early for News World delivery, arrive at East Sun by 9:00 for morning service, then begin our daily routine. We arrive home at about 10:30 at night usually. We work six days a week, and on Sunday we go to Belvedere to hear Father speak. On Sunday afternoons we go to our area, which is around the garage, and do our collecting for the News World. The only witnessing that we have been able to accomplish is through our News World subscriptions.

We have tried to accomplish our witnessing responsibility by many methods. We tried at one point, to witness until 10;30 every morning and on Sunday. Then the schedule was changed to witnessing only on Sunday. I have found now, that the problem must be in our faith. We have not applied enough faith, regardless of what the schedule is changed to. As you know, ''low spirit'' people are the ones who get external missions such as East Sun Garage. In our body shop, there is only one brother who has any experience with cars before. He must train all the other brothers who have had no experience. It is the same in the mechanic shop. Therefore the brothers need time to study mechanics in order to accomplish their missions. There has been only one Center Member who joined from East Sun member's efforts because of the problems with schedule and faith.

We are given the pressure to complete a good job, and a quick job. Do you know the term "Grease Monkey"? Well, in our job we get very dirty. At one time we tried to stop all work and only witnessing after 6;00. After brothers get a chance to clean up and prepare for witnessing it is already 8;00 before they arrived in the area, so it was too late to witness, for any productive length of time.

A big problem is that my central figure has changed our witnessing schedule so many times, and he is the one who has complete order over all that we do -- even though he rarely comes, to the garage. My only position there is to coordinate the witnessing activities. I have nothing to do with making decisions without his approval. Also, when we get the time to witness, then the business end of our missions suffers. It is either one is good and one is bad, or neither is good. So he decided to at least get success in our external missions, since results were so slow in witnessing.


Do you really feel that it is too late to get results after 8:00 p.m.? From my experience, it is not too late if you can apply effort little by little it builds up into something, very substantial. Also it seems that the complaints from your members are coming from their lack of spiritual life and insecurity. This is a problem that should be dealt with. (David Fastiggi)

Yes, the spiritual life of the members is very important, and it should be dealt with. (Dr. Berman)

Maybe it would help for the leaders and members to attend a 2-day workshop at 43rd St., just to get the feel of the providence and to have give and take with Divine Principle. (D. F.)

Rev. Kim

I think that there are some of you here that are representing your Central Figure. Can you raise your hand. So, almost all of you are actually representing a higher Abel than yourself. So the responsibility of those who come here is very important because the decisions that are made here is very important to the members you are representing. You must be taking the responsibility for your members witnessing activities, or the meeting does not make any sense. It does not give the meeting any value if we cannot carry out the decisions made here. You must understand your positions clearly. Those departments who neither come nor hand in a report will be given a telephone call by Rev. Kim. . Please inform Mr. Kim of the exact situation if you cannot come to these meetings. There is no exceptions to doing Home Church and taking responsibility, However, if you have received the direction from your central figure that you are not able to do Home Church activity because of your missions, then you must follow your central figure's direction. This is your duty and I will not give any other directions to you except that you must unite with your central figure. Your leader, whoever it may be -- Mr. Salonen, Mr. Kamiyama, Rev. Kwak, David Kim. etc. must be in communication with this office, and only in that way can he give you the permission not to do your Home Church work. In this way, there will not be two orders from two different sources, one direction and one goal. Then the central figure for your dept. should plan your time schedule with you very well so that you can have time for it. If he still doesn't allow you to go then you may ask him if he has been in touch with Rev. Kim about the matter. Listen and follow the direction of your central figure and you will not have the problem you have now.

When we visit your dept. you will be able to explain to us about. your particular difficulties. If your central figure is only hearing reports from you but never goes to see the situation for himself, then he will not realize the situation objectively.

Does Mr. Yoshida understand why his members could bring such little results in their work? Did he ask the advise of his Abel concerning the complaints of the members to witnessing? Mr. Yoshida only has 10 members to concern himself with. It should not be so difficult. If the C. F. for witnessing is trying his best to guide the members, and if he is giving a. clear report to his Abel figure, then he will be able to get results. But I think that he didn't fulfill his responsibility as the witnessing coordinator. If Mr. Kim would only listen from your viewpoint he might call your Abel and speak to him very strongly but it is possible that his failure to help you is because of your own failure to report the situation clearly to him.

Father has not even given the exception to do Home Church to the M.F.T. It is only during this particular time that they will have to sacrifice it. They will be eventually responsible. There is no exception to the rule, but sometimes a temporary exemption will be given by Father.

From now on we will be using a new form to do your reporting on. Mr. Kim will visit each dept., and he will hand out the new sheets at that time. If you don't attend this leaders' meeting and you cannot hand in this report, Mr. Kim will have to give you a call. Mr. Kim cannot solve Mr. Yoshida's problem only by speaking to Mr. Yoshida. He will have to consult Mr. Kamiyama, who is his C.F.

The weekly reports must be submitted to Father so they are so precious. Since Mr. Kim is representing the providence, he must be able to give an accurate report to Father. If the report that he gives to Father is not a good one, it is because Mr. Kim, could not take care of you and guide you properly. So such testimonies as Mr. Yoshida's are very important.

This is not a meeting to scold you because of your results. We have to know the cause of the bad results and we have to help each other, so we have meetings such as these.

I believe that if Mr. Yoshida wanted to give advice to his members, he could ask then, to visit even a few houses every day. They would be able to offer their service to these families. They wouldn't need to even talk about the Unification, Church of Rev. Moon. They could begin with the easiest way for the … Little by little you can give advice to them about how to develop a relationship with their few contacts. He can begin with a little jump and eventually we can jump as far as anyone else. But they must have confidence to start out with. Don't ask them to do more until they can build up confidence. It is very important that they visit their contacts every day. Very soon they receive the admiration of their contacts and their spirit will begin to be very stable. You will forget all of you tiredness with witnessing once you can experience the fulfillment of it. Then very soon you can begin to plan out more time for witnessing, once they become more confident. It will depend on your mind and your heart, how you are going to spend your time. If you had the right heart you could do one week's job in only one day. Please be sincere with your members, and do not be afraid to shed tears in front of them. Then they can really see your sincerity to accomplish God's will. Do you think that you can compromise the Will, even if we are short of tire and manpower. Can Father? It is all in our mind and heart.

Even though we had asked for 2 testimonies, we will have to hear the next one maybe some other time. I think that your situations are pretty similar. Do not say "Home Church, Can do if it is not coming from your sincere heart to accomplish. You must have a logical and reasonable plan to be able to work it out. If you can give the hope of accomplishment to your members, then they will feel determination and inspiration.

They cannot do it any other way. So you have a big responsibility. Please remember the testimonies of last week. You have to prepare yourself to receive these testimonies. The point of this meeting is so that you can feel hope to accomplish. Mr. Kim is not just interested in the number of guests from each dept. Mr. Kim is interested in taking care of each members situation too.

Mr. Kim himself needs stimulation. Those people who give an excuse about their schedule and no time for witnessing can give Mr. Kim a lot of stimulation. We really need to feel joy from even our difficult situations and then we can begin to feel progress.

Each dept. must deliver the News World. If you can find good people in your area who are really serving the community, you can suggest an article in the News World to cover their story. Please suggest these kind of good articles to the News World and then they can print them. If you take this paper to your guest, how will they react? They will give a good reaction. We can really serve as journalists, not just delivery boys for the News World. The hearts of the outside people become so heavy when they read the newspapers every day, don't you think? Satan is working in many ways to separate the hearts of the people through the media. Our way will be to bring good will to the people. Your Home Church area will be able to be a testimony to the goodness of your 360 home area. So you can accomplish this in many ways, and you can approach the people in your area with many methods.

Spirit World in your area will really support you if you are really giving much to serve the area. You must make an effort to have give and take about Home Church. If you just ignore it, and do not make any effort to relate to the providence, how can spirit world give you any support when you need it?

Rev. Lee

Those who are getting success in their areas are those people who could have a good system of developing the News World. There is really no exceptions to this. There can be no exceptions to this. The problem is that our members do not know how to combine the two. Do you know Scott Soulman from the G.W.B.B. is doing fantastic. He is really selling a lot of subscriptions, he is selling advertisements, as well as being a member of his own group. If your level of activity is that high, you can meet many high level people. Scott could meet Mayor Koch, and many high level people.

The Community Front Line is an organization that I have set up at my own risk. If I fail it, I fail the News World. The News World is trying to clean the blood of New York. Through the CFL we can really make an issue of the fuel shortage in the city, and we can really be able to serve the community by offering valuable information and representation for the community. There will be no, other newspaper offering the same service to the extent that CFL will. So the community will look to us for that kind of help. The organization is made up of our own subscribers, and many of our subscribers are really concerned to help us with the circulation of the paper. One lady suggested to organize the subscribers in each community to request the newsstands to carry the. News World. You can see that the internal attitude of the people who subscribe to the News World is completely different to that of the people who read the Daily News of N.Y. Times. They are not only conservative, anti communists, but they are really concerned about the current situation in the world, and here in the city. We want to organize and educate them.

We would be able to organize lawyers to serve the community, maybe one hour a week, and we can then print their names in the News World praising their service to the community. We can do the same with doctors, and many professional people.

If we are organizing community service groups, the government can sponsor us, no problem. Jesse Epps was in Washington last week conferring with some important people there, and he found out that the federal government allotted $78,000,000 of funds for this kind of community services, but actually for the last few years no one really knows where and how the money was spent. Paul Dwyer is another example of someone who is really a key figure who really wants to support the community, and our work. He knows so many people. There will be the second meeting of the CFL on October 31st. The results of the meeting will be reported in the News World and then the community will look to the News World for such information.

There are so many people who will be willing to help us, if they see that we are really trying to help the City. All of the Metro articles will be printed only when they directly pertain to the needs and information of the city. We will not print of give undue publicity to events that are not of service to the community. All the other papers can print anything they want but we will not do that. We will create our own journalism and have a revolution in journalism.

The Communists are masters of manipulating the people. If you read their news papers you would think that they have no crime, no immorality, it looks like the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to really, bear in mind the needs of the community so that they can look to us for support. Therefore any comments or criticisms that you want to make are very helpful. Farley Jones wrote a comment the other day, and it was really valuable to us. Also, do not assume that your newsboys will always be newsboys. You must really take care of them as your future members.

Mr. Sudo

This past week we had 21 guest to our weekend workshop, as well as the Black leaders conference in Barrytown. The Barrytown conference was very successful and the leaders are ready to support us at any time. 21 guests, 3 went to the advanced 2 days workshop.

The seven day workshop will begin on Monday after noon with registration at 4:00 p.m. It concludes on Sunday night. If at all possible, please visit your guests in the. workshop, send them a card, and please attend the first and last days of the workshop. This is very important.

Bruce Brown

Please be very careful about the separation of Church and Business. If there is any questions you can contact me.

Dr. Bergman

Congressional Alert program on Capitol Hill will need names and addresses of your best contacts, family members, professional people who support us. This will be used to create a mailing list. They will support us in time of need.

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