Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverends Kim

The Mother and Son Mountain

By Rev. Won Pil Kim

In the early days, Father shared, each night, with the members. One member had a child who was born blind, and he shared how he suffered and how he would give anything so his child could see. Father was so moved by his testimony, that after one month he asked this member to share the same testimony again. Father meditated deeply for many weeks over this, traveling all over spirit world, to find some inspiration, asking God and Jesus. Jesus shared freely with him, and Father asked him about his cure of the blind man. Finally, Father told a parable, called "The Mother and Son Mountain." It is a legend, in Korea, about a mother, whose son wanted to leave home, to go and see the world. Finally, his mother agreed that he could go, and he went to the harbor and embarked on a ship, with the understanding that he would return in four years.

When the four years were up, the mother readied the food for her son's return, and she climbed the mountain to see the ship come in the harbor, which she could see faintly, in the distance. But the ship did not come in, so she went home.

The next day, she again prepared the table, and went up the mountain.

On the fourth day, the ship came in, but her son was not on it. Nevertheless, she went up the mountain the next day, and the next week, and the next month, always making sure that the food was ready for when her son returned.

The neighbors began to worry about her, and tried to prevent her from going up the mountain, because she was not doing anything else anymore. But she insisted always that her son would come back that day, and she would wake up full of hope and anticipation.

The years went by and it was becoming more difficult for her to climb the mountain, day after day. And also her eyesight was getting weak, from years of straining, to see the harbor. And finally she became blind.

Then she would take with her a youth who helped her up the mountain and who looked out to the harbor for her.

The neighbors would tell her not to go anymore, that surely her son had died in a strange land, but she insisted that he was coming back that day.

Finally, one day, she died on top of the mountain. The neighbors, so moved by her love for her son, called it the "Mother and Son Mountain."

Jesus told Father that this mother was God, that God was blind, that He could not see His creation anymore, for all the tears He had shed for His children who were not coming back.

Jesus said that when he had cured the blind man, he felt so strongly that he wanted to cure God of His blindness, that this was what motivated him. The blind man's motivation was so pure, and his desire to see the Messiah, the Son of God, so strong, that Jesus was able to give him his sight. He told Father that for the first time, God had hope that someone would give Him His sight back, bringing His children back to Him.

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