Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Won Pil Kim

Home Church Leader's Meeting, 2/4/80

Rev. Won Pil Kim

Mr. Yoshida gave his testimony first, especially bringing to light the struggle he has been having between accomplishment of his mission and the accomplishment of the Home Church providence. He felt that he should have been more honest with his central figure about the difficulties that he has been having.

Dr. Bergman:

I don't feel that Mr. Yoshida's situation is unique. Even though Pamela Stein is now in charge of the department itself, Mr. Yoshida still has responsibility for the witnessing aspect.

Since Rev. Kwak has told them to put their mission above all other things, he is also responsible for that. The staff members have to be ready at all times to receive phone calls from all over the world. The question is then, how to inspire your members to connect to the providence through their work in the office. If you had been discussing your situation with your Abel, and could not come up with a solution, then you should have sought the advice of Rev. Kim, who in turn could discuss the situation with Rev. Kwak.

This therefore, is Rev. Kim's responsibility to represent Father. You will be confused unless you understand this point and know how to deal with it. Father has given you both missions, you must find how to harmonize the two.

Lou Fornier:

I feel now is the time to harmonize our dual mission. Rev. Kim says that if we don't express our feelings, then generalizations won't occur. If we are really trying to illicit an atmosphere of freedom of expression, a lot of negativity may come out. But unless we can reconcile with these things, they cannot be alleviated. Our attitude will never be educated.

Dr. Bergman:

Primarily, what God is asking us to do, as leaders, is to raise the consciousness of our membership about Home Church. I recently had a meeting with Father, and he told me the problem is that the members in New York don't have the consciousness of the importance of their mission. He added that it has improved, but of course not as it should be.

The Home Church Providence will consummate the Kingdom of God on earth. The whole of human history and religion are also consummated in Home Church. If we had a gold mine, we would be so inspired to dig. Our members are still only intellectually connected to the providence, but not in their hearts. Without your support it is very difficult for the members to understand how to work hard. Through Home Church we can perfect our personalities. Recently I have been hearing that our members are immature, well Home Church id s the place where we can perfect ourselves.

Julie Philli:

Many of our members at News World are becoming desperate to find a way to do Home Church. We are all quite excited about our new center in Queens. 16 people will be enough to support the center and we feel that it is really sent by God. We are hoping to move into the center by March first. Soon we will pick our areas and begin to work once again. When we decide our specific 360 homes, we can begin to feel more responsible.

Richard Cohen:

Because we have been so busy, I haven't been able to come to these meetings. Because of the intense preparations for Father's birthday after God's day, we haven't been able to go out and do Home Church. Some of our members have been asking their contacts home members to help us with restoration and preparations. This was really great. We are praying and trying to maintain the spiritual direction that we have been trying to establish toward home church, even though we cannot witness directly at this time.

Dallas Stafford:

We have two meetings everyday for Home Church. By doing this it is automatically centering our lives on the providence. Rev. Kim gave us the direction to get up early and to serve the community but the idea hasn't gone over with the members successfully yet. We are all doing the newspaper, and we are making a newsletter that we want to distribute in our area. We rent busses and deliver our contacts to a market in Brooklyn where they can buy their food cheaper. We want to give some people from our area jobs at our press doing binding and other work. I find that you cannot push your members out, you must lead them out. Once a solution is given to you by Rev. Kim, it means that your responsibility is to do that solution. If you do not do it, your solution is not a solution because the problem itself lies deeper within you.

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