The Words of Won Pil Kim

True Owners of Tribal Messiahship

Won Pil Kim
September 24, 1989
Annual General Meeting of the Unification Church of Germany
Regelsmuhle, Germany

Won Pil Kim

Today, I originally desired to speak to the people who are not doing very well in their responsibility.

But when I look around, I see many people who are doing well have gathered here. I had wanted to speak to the people who want to do well but have difficulties. So those of you are doing well, can go back home. Do you want to listen anyway, even though you already know what I'm going to say? (Yes.) Alright. Today you can stay.

Actually, for those who are doing well it would be more appropriate to go somewhere in nature to have some nice moments together by sharing testimonies and returning gratitude to True Parents. Don't you think that kind of meeting is necessary? We need to have meetings in which we can share our victorious testimonies on how we practice True Parents' tradition and directions.

If you can realize the Triple Up witnessing goal, then my presence in Europe will no longer be necessary. Our mission is to create a world where even the Messiah is not needed, because each one of us has become a messiah. God and True Parents are necessary, but the Messiah is only needed to save the people from the satanic world by bringing them into God's world. When everybody is restored, then the Messiah becomes the True Parents. On this foundation of making everyone into true parents, True Parents themselves will reach a new level -- becoming the King of Kings.

As true children, just cutting our relationship with the satanic world and being engrafted to God's lineage is not enough. After receiving our new life, we need to help True Parents save the people. Otherwise, the Messiah must do his job all alone. If that happens, how long will it take for him to restore all of mankind and how tired will he be? Father is getting old. That's why we must all become second messiahs and start saving other people. Imagine how quick the restoration work will be! Let's not make our True Parents suffer. Let's take up our responsibility.

Leader Consciousness

At the CARP Convention, Hyo Jin Nim sang some songs. While singing, he shed tears. He expressed poignantly through his singing: "I love True Parents!" This is the heart of a True Child.

You are not members but leaders, each one of you. Those who are participating in this meeting are blessed and have already started family life. Until now, you have received so much guidance and words from God. You have had many experiences in life and are educated people. Now you are the ones who must educate others. But you are still thinking: "I'm just a member."

I want you to understand this point very deeply. I am a member myself, but I'm also a leader. Members are those people who receive instructions from above. They are not doing what they initiate, but what they are asked to do. Their nature is to just wait for a direction and follow. When leaders say nothing, members do nothing.

On the other hand, the leader is in the position of guiding members. His position is to give, while the member's position is to receive. Leaders do things by themselves, under their personal responsibility.

I suppose you don't like to be told things by others, but desire to act by yourselves. You hate feeling pressured. Why do you feel like that? Because you put yourselves in a leader's position. Even when no one tells you what to do, you find direction by yourselves. Would you rather be a member or a leader? (A leader!) A leader's position is better, isn't it?

Many kinds of people are living in your village: a mayor, policemen, factory workers, shop owners, and so on. The mayor is the person who is in the position of a parent. Let's suppose True Parents announce they will come to your village. Probably none of these people will prepare to welcome them, because they don't know who Rev. Moon is. But if you were the mayor of that village, you would mobilize the entire village to welcome True Parents. You would organize the best house where True Parents could stay and True Parents would teach you how to make your village into God's village. You would take Father's speech seriously and try to practice it right away.

The present mayor, upon hearing that True Parents are coming, would not only not prepare anything, he might even persecute and reject them. From God's point of view, does He prefer to have that Cain-type person as the mayor of the village or you?

If this is what God, True Parents, the good spirit world and all brothers' and sisters' desire, the fact that you have been sent to your village means that you have already been spiritually assigned as the mayor. Everyone must look at their own situation. Even though we are getting older, God wants us to be leaders because we are children of God and have received the Blessing.

God desires you to be leaders both spiritually and physically. That's why I want you to realize that when you go somewhere and find a place to stay, God guided you there so you could find the place He had prepared. You are sent by God and True Parents. God, True Parents and your national leaders assigned you to be the messiah of your village.

Owners of the Creation

In the original world there were no Cains or Abels, but only sons. Because of the fall, Satan invaded all levels of this world. How could Satan claim all these levels? Satan loved God selfishly, centered on himself. Therefore, he could not love man centered on God. Satan took the dominion away from Adam and Eve through his self-centered love. Lucifer did not hate God, but wanted the love of God centered on himself. He wanted to receive God's love and then pass it on to Adam and Eve. He didn't want to receive God's love through them. This was the starting point of the fall.

Adam and Eve followed Lucifer, inherited this self-centered love from him and abandoned their proper position.

Originally, God created man as the owner of creation, but his right of dominion was taken away by Satan. Children are in the position of inheriting everything from their parents, but because of Adam and Eve's unity with self-centered love, their birthright was taken away by Satan. Restoring it cannot be done by inheritance or money, but only through true love.

What shall we do to restore God's birthright at every level? Sacrificial love is the standard Father established to lay a victorious foundation. Satan cannot sacrifice himself for the sake of another. That's why we are always asked to practice sacrificial love for the sake of others. Satan has made a nest within us, so when we practice sacrificial love he has to leave us. But when we are self-centered, Satan will automatically dominate us.

This world has been receiving self-centered love from Satan so if someone gives sacrificial love, everyone will automatically want to follow him. Everything in creation wants to receive higher love from God. Let's take the example of your village. When you practice sacrificial love and serve the people even more than the mayor, people will start to follow you because they want to receive a higher love. The mayor cannot help but cooperate with you.

If you were the mayor and visited each house in your village one by one to share God's love and words with them, they might not welcome you in the beginning because they don't know you. If your love is self-centered, once they reject you, you won't want to visit them anymore. But if you visit the people for their sake, even though you don't like being persecuted, you'll visit them again. Once you have won their trust, the next step is to discover what they need spiritually and physically. A "normal" mayor cannot do this for he does not know how to practice sacrificial love.

You may think because you have many babies, you cannot visit people. But if you are really concerned about others, you will put your baby into the pram and then visit them. If you have love for the sake of others, you can do two or three things at the same time. When you think centered on yourself, you find many excuses; but if you have love for the sake of others, you will find a solution. For example, if you visit an old lady, you can ask her to take care of your baby, while you do something good for this old lady. In the evening, when your husband returns, together you can visit that lady, so that you can introduce your husband to her. What will this lady start to think about you? She will tell all her neighbors and relatives about you. If you start serving that old lady as if she were your parent, she will eventually trust you. One by one, you must serve all your neighbors in this way.

This world is very self-centered. In order to trust, people need someone with whom they can have give and take. If you continually serve your village for one year, who do you think people will trust? In this situation, the Cain-type mayor will seek your help. Before helping him, you can educate him through the Divine Principle lectures. He will recognize you, saying that you should be the mayor. This is the way to restore the birthright. On this foundation of unity between Cain and Abel, True Parents can come.

Opening Heaven's Gate

Earlier, I explained that all of you have been assigned by God as the mayor of the place where you are living. You are not members, but clan messiahs. Therefore, when you start acting as your village's messiah, loving the people and sacrificing yourself for their sake, the gate to Heaven will open up on this foundation.

In the spirit world, you will be asked if you loved mankind as much as you loved God and True Parents. If you are living in a big city like Frankfurt, it may be better for you to go to your hometown if you have a good foundation there, and do your work as a tribal messiah. That would be better than staying in a big city thinking: "I am just a member."

If you don't have any foundation with relatives in your hometown, then you can go to a city where you pioneered before and still have some good foundation. Wherever you go, you have to connect with your regional church center and give a report of your activities every week. If you don't report but do things by yourself, your line to connect with God and True Parents will be cut.

Representatives of True Parents

When the disciples of Jesus went witnessing there was a big difference when they just went by their own initiative or when they had been sent by God and the Messiah. When you go to your hometown, you will be asked: "Who sent you here?" When you are sent by the Messiah, you must give the people you visit the Messiah's words. From this viewpoint, when we look at ourselves who are we? We are sent by God, True Parents, our national leader and our church leader. We are not just individuals. To be sent by the national leader means to be sent by True Parents. If you go to your hometown by yourself, of your own decision, even though you witness a lot, you were not sent by God and True Parents. Likewise, when someone sent by the leader doesn't report to the leader he is not fulfilling his responsibility. As a consequence, he has the same position as the person who went of his own volition.

Please understand this point deeply: don't do things just by yourselves. When you are sent by God and True Parents, if someone accepts you he will receive the blessing from God and True Parents. If you are not connected with the Church, even though you find a spiritual child, he will not receive the blessing from God and True Parents because you cut yourself off from their lifeline and are not representing them. You have to connect these people to God and True Parents through your central figure.

If you officially go to your hometown and start working there, you will meet all kinds of people. After a while, you can organize a meeting at your home which many people attend. You give reports of all these activities to headquarters. When a 40-day blessed wives witnessing condition starts and you are already making so many efforts contacting all your relatives, friends and neighbors, do you think Headquarters' leadership will mobilize you for the witnessing condition? Would it be wise if you were taken from the good job you were doing in your town? Leaders, would you call this person for the 40-day witnessing condition, or would you let this person stay and continue her good job there? (Stay.)

Why do you think we have such conditions as a 40-day witnessing campaign? It is because you are not making a foundation. In other words, you lost your pioneering spirit. When you were pioneering, you went alone to a place where you had never been. But you have lost such a spirit and that's why we have to organize witnessing conditions -- to revive that spirit so you can carry it to your hometown and keep it high by continuously witnessing.

If you have such a foundation in your hometown, you needn't be mobilized. During the 40-day condition, you should live in the house of your associate members and do a 40-day pioneering condition in your own city. If you work in your own city, the foundation that you lay will remain. If you go somewhere else, you will have to start again when you return to your city.

When we joined the church, we left our home and cut connections with our former life. The purpose was not the separation itself, but to enable us to take God's position and become children of the True Parents. We had to inherit the heavenly tradition before we could return to our hometown and restore it to God. Originally, we had to first restore our Cain hometown or home church; but Father gave us the grace of going to our home and to our relatives now!

Hometown Witnessing Grace

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place you enter together with your spouse, parents and relatives. Please do not forget that the purpose of cutting from your past was to make you a new person. Until you joined you were spiritually dead and how could a dead person save another dead person? First you had to gain new life, then you could return to save the dying people.

Now, I want to address an especially important topic. This has to do with those who were once active full-time members, but for one reason or another, had to leave their full-time missions to find an outside job. When such a decision was made, the Church should have assigned those couples to be home church leaders in some particular areas but was unable to do so. Although the Church never officially said anything, each person should have done home church in their respective areas as tribal messiahs.

There are some couples who live and work outside and still have a great desire to work for God's Will. When I see those couples, I feel so moved! Looking at them, I cannot be quiet. That's why I chose today's topic. From today, go and work in your hometown, become part of the hometown providence!

Consider yourselves pioneer center leaders and there is hope for Germany to be revived! If you all live in houses or apartments, but have no relationship with your neighbors, how can you do restoration work? In order to meet people you have to visit them. When you visit them, you must have a clear reason. This reason must always be for the sake of these people, not for yourselves.

Go to people's houses and introduce yourselves even simply as their neighbor. Through this, you can find the Abel-type people. When you go shopping, or are walking on the street, you meet many people. Don't ignore them, greet them. If you do this two or three times, they will naturally start to respond and greet you, even without speaking. On this foundation, some conversation may begin.

You should never forget that you've been sent by God as the messiah of your area. If you are "messiah-conscious," you will be motivated to pray for the people of this area, since all these people are your spiritual children and will be your future relatives. All the material things which exist in your area want to belong to you because God assigned you to be the owner of this area.

You Are the True Owners

Your neighbors may be living in more luxurious homes than you, but those beautiful homes belong to the original or true owner of that area. Father came on earth as the true heavenly owner of the world, but in reality Satan took this position. How did Father consider this situation? He knew that when the original owner came, all things would want to go back to him. Knowing this, Father never felt jealous when he saw people owning big houses.

Satan is like a housekeeper, taking care of the house on behalf of the owner. But when the original owner comes, the "Cain" owner must accept the true owner. If we feel miserable when we see big houses, it is because we have lost our owner-consciousness. We must understand that God has already designated us as the owners of everything; therefore, we must love things more than the "Cain" owner.

You are convinced that witnessing means to go to a particular street next to the video center during a certain period of time; but this is not the right way of thinking: you need to meet the people where you live. Then you must find your own disciples and raise up a successor who can take your mission over.

I want you to change your consciousness from that of a member to that of a leader. Also, I want you to feel you are in the owner position. Do not act like servants, only doing what you are told. If you have the owner-leader consciousness, you won't feel pressured if leaders ask you something. Just don't misunderstand: when I tell you to be leaders, I don't mean that you have no leaders above you. A good leader is a person who follows his own leader very well.

When you grow up, you begin to make your own experiences. You might feel, "I don't need my parents anymore; I'll do things by myself." But this way of thinking is wrong. The real meaning of independence is to inherit everything from the parents and then to practice what has been learned from them. You received love and care from your parents, and now you must return love and care to them. This is the formation stage of independence. The second level is for you to do for other people what your parents have done for you. On this foundation, when your children grow up, they will return to you what they have received from you. Finally, at this point, you can say you became truly independent.

In the same way, you should not think, "The Parents' Age is finished, now we are in the Children's' Age, so we have to take responsibility ourselves." This way of thinking is wrong. We've been receiving the heavenly tradition from True Parents, so we have to inherit it and return it to them. On this foundation, we must do for others what True Parents have done for us by putting what True Parents have shown us into practice. We must multiply what True Parents have done. This is a sign of real independence. When parents see their children acting like this, they feel very satisfied.

In conclusion, when you try to build your leader consciousness, you must first unite with your own leader. You have to report to him always and receive advice. In my situation, I need to receive advice and guidance from True Parents, who are my leaders. The real meaning of being a true dominator is to first be someone who is dominated well. In other words, someone who can be dominated by God and True Parents can become a good dominator. You cannot simply go your own way. You have to always relate to your Abel figure. When you find it difficult to be understood by him, you can bring your case to your leader's Abel. This is the way Cain can go to True Parents -- through Abel. That's why I ask you to report regularly and receive guidance and advice from your Abel figure. This principle is unchanging. 

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