The Words of Won Pil Kim

Interviews with Won Pil Kim

September 20, 2008

Sun Myung Moon, May 1, 2011

Peace TV posted testimonies and interviews with some of the 36 Blessed couples commemorating the Golden Anniversary of their Blessing. The following are the testimonies by Rev. Won Pil Kim, which were given in Japanese in 1990 and 2007, and in Korean in 2008. -- Rev. Kambashi

September 18, 1990

"You think, though you are doing God's Will, it is more important to be directly with Father and share conversation with him. Of course it is important that I met Father and was directly with Father in first. But that is your viewpoint centering on yourself, and I would say the viewpoint of God and True Parents is totally different.

I lived together with Father and followed God's Will, but you, without having such opportunities, work so hard for that purpose. Then who can God and True Parents trust more in such a case? Have you thought that way?

You would think centering on yourself "How wonderful it would have been if I could have met in first and lived with Father." But you are following God's Will without such experiences. We both follow True Father but in my case, I was directly with Father. So for God and True Parents, I would say they trust you more than I. They do not know if I would have followed them without having such direct experiences with Father.

You have done things without directly attending True Father, and how much more would you have been able to do if you could directly be with him? Do you understand? So though it is important to be directly with Father, those who do God's Will without such experiences are more precious for the eyes of God and True Parents."

October 12, 2007 at the celebration of his 80 years' birthday at Il Shim Hospital

"After the holy wedding ceremony of Sung Jin Nim (who was Blessed with Rev. Kim's daughter) in Japan, I came back to Korea, and Father gave me his words, which is still like a dream for me. Father said to me "Thank you." He gave me those words. When I heard that, I could feel how much he loves Sung Jin Nim. Since then, what I always think is I must do whatever necessary to please True Father, dedicating myself for the family of Sung Jin Nim. Wherever I was, such as in the US, Europe, or Japan, what Father always asked me without fail on the phone was how Sung Jin Nim was.

I was responsible for many important fields, as the leader in Europe, leader of the home church activities in the US, the director of the Foundation, or the leader in Japan. But I did not consider those were my primary responsibilities. My main responsibility has been protecting Sung Jin Nim.

When Father named his son Sung Jin, he said the reason why he named his baby so was that if Father cannot accomplish his responsibility as the Messiah on earth, his son needed to convey messages through writings."

September 20, 2008

"We could complain in front of True Parents saying "how could this happen to me?" But if we try to put ourselves in their shoes, we would be able to have their parental heart too, and then we can understand them more.

True Parents are absolutely obedient towards God and so I think they understand Him from my experiences. So I would say True Parents have become God in heart. Therefore they never complain to God whatever direction God gives them simply because they become 'God.'

I learned the parental heart from True Parents, but on the other hand, when I live with the 2nd gens, I found that they are my parents too. What is more important is to practice such heart in reality." 

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