The Words of Won Pil Kim

Mr. Won Pil Kim, First Disciple Of Our Master, Visits Headquarters

November 12, 1967
New Age Frontiers

The highlight of the month in Washington was the blessed visit of Mr. Won Pil Kim, the Master's first disciple. Below is written his message as presented to the Unified Family November 12, 1967, at a special worship service-welcome party held for him. His words speak for themselves.

Thinking of your wholehearted dedication and precious tears shed in this place, I couldn't help feeling hesitant to step into this place. Out of my joy in meeting you I immediately desired to hold your hands. But even that I was hesitant to do because I realized that you are heaven's most beloved ones and the fruit of God's loving care., Thinking of Father's Kingdom and His hope for you, His children, I immediately recall the passage of Scripture of God's speaking to Moses in which He asked him to take off his shoes because the land he was on was holy ground.

Often people ask how long live been with our Leader and when I first heard this message. Then I answer I followed him when I was young. Now I realize it has been twenty-one years. I see their surprise to find it has been so long. Whenever I give that answer, I feel ashamed of myself. Although I have known His Will for so long, I don't seem to have done anything greater than other people. It is not necessarily so important to have known His Will first and to have followed in early stages. The important thing is how much we do His Will and please Him now, not in the past, but now.

Though it cannot happen, what if after all His work, God's dispensation was not fulfilled? And our Leader's sweat and tears over forty years -- supposing this is not fulfilled? What will happen? When we think of this, the important thing is not what we have done in the past, but what we do now and will do in the future. It is essential that His Will be fulfilled. In this sense I have seen in Japan and America the evidence of His ceaseless labor in every direction, and the evidence of the Leader's hard work, Thereby I see God once again, and the living feature of the Father in every direction.

An antique may have historical value and people may treasure it, but I don't want to become an antique. I rather wanted to progress constantly rather than this. Because I didn't want to be an antique, I always examined myself in the light of what God would like me to be. Therefore, I was never satisfied where I was. This doesn't mean I complained about my position, but I was hesitant to remain in a satisfied position.

You may not realize how much our Leader cares for you just by word of mouth. In Japan and also in Korea I saw our Leader getting up from his bed several times in the night to kneel and pray for the Americans.

Therefore, if I don't serve you, reflecting his heart to you, I will get spanked. The reason God has called us is not to be happy with us alone, but to bring all humanity to be with Him, Therefore Father's hope is not only with us but for all mankind, Realizing His hard labor, let us find many people for Him, that He will be glorified by many.

On behalf of the True Parents, and Mr. Eu, the President, I greet you. May God's grace and the Parents' love be with all of you. 

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